Articles-Parasite Resistance


Blueprint for Selection of Parasite Resistant Sheep (Kathy Bielek, Misty Oaks Farm, Wooster, OH October 2013)

Do Your Katahdin Ewes Differ in Parasitic Worm Load at Lambing? Is the Difference Important? (James Morgan, PhD, KHSI Hairald Spring 2009)

Katahdin Breeders Take the World Lead in Parasite Resistance Selection (James Morgan, PhD, KHSI Hairald, Summer 2008)

Historic EPD for Parasite Resistance Developed for Katahdins (Notter, Morgan, Vanimisetti, KHSI Hairald, Winter 2007)

Further Thoughts on Selecting Parasite Resistant Sheep (James Morgan, PhD, KHSI Hairald Spring 2007)

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