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New Selection Tool to be Available to Katahdin Breeders This Year [Scrotal Circumference EBV] (James Morgan, PhD, KHSI Hairald)

Comparing Rate of Growth of Singles, Twins, Triplets, Ram and Ewe lambs out of Ewe lambs and Mature Ewes: What are the Best Ways to Do It? (James Morgan, PhD, KHSI Hairald, Fall 2009).
Also below is the Excel spreadsheet to which the article refers-download it and enable macros, and it’ll help you perform the adjusted weight calculations automatically!

The Next Revolution in Selecting Superior Sheep and Its Impact on USA and World Sheep Breeds: Will the Future of Production Agriculture Include Katahdins? (James Morgan, PhD, KHSI Hairald, Fall 2008)

From Blakewell to BLUP: Modern Livestock Breeding’s Short History (Richard Gilbert,  The Shepherd, August 2008)

Rate of Genetic Improvement (James Morgan, PhD, KHSI Hairald, Fall 2007)

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