The Katahdin Hairald Magazine

The Hairald is one of the main pride points of KHSI and a fantastic reason to join the organization. The Hairald is a quarterly magazine printed on high quality glossy paper, which makes for beautiful presentation of photography and advertisements. The magazine is filled with informative articles and news about our breed, and is definitely an archive-worthy publication. You can find past issues here in PDF format, too, for easier content searching!


The Katahdin Hairald Magazine Special Issue: A Guide to Katahdin Hair Sheep

A brand “New Guide” was published January 25, 2016. The guide is a special issue of the Katahdin Hairald magazine. This guide was compiled by Katahdin Hair Sheep International’s Publications and Promotions committees. It has 40 plus pages of information on raising sheep, common health concerns, registering Katahdins. managing, selecting and frequently asked questions. Printed copies are available for your own use or for handing to your buyers by sending $3.00 each to KHSI Operations, PO Box 778, Fayetteville, AR 72702.

NOTE: 2017 edition has been published. There are only a few changes to the 2016 version. The 2017 edition includes more information on tagging (pg 4), an update to sales venues (pg 10), improved article on Coccidiosis (pg 22) and a few more resource links (pg 45). 2018 edition has been published. The main change was to update the Katahdin Hair Sheep Internaitional Registry Address.

Click here for a PDF version of The Guide: A Guide to Katahdin Hair Sheep 2018

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