KatPlus Katahdin Commercial Ewe Program

Goal of KatPlus Commercial Ewe Program: Link commercial sheep operations buying hair sheep ewes with producers of larger groups (50 or more) of quality commercial hair ewes sired by Registered Katahdin rams.

Flocks in the program are required to use registered Katahdin rams and sell no more than 75% of their ewe lambs in the program. They will be tagged with KatPlus ear tags.


For those wanting to raise sheep for the program, the following file is the application/registration form. Kat Plus Registration Form

Informational flyer for KatPlus program may be downloaded. KATPlus_Program Description Flyer

All transactions are between the buyer and the seller. KHSI is only helping make the introduction.

States with Breeders in KatPlus Program: MO, ND

(several more to be added soon with brief descriptions of their operation in the next few months)


Kim Harrison
Harrison Valley Farms
Fulton, MO
573-590-0643 cell                                              info@harrisonvalleyfarms.com
Harrison Valley Farms is lambing 140 ewes in March 2018.

Bill Mousadakos
Greek Farms
Rolla, MO
573-587-1168 cell                                              vaprak75@hotmail.com
Greek Farms will be lambing 220 ewes in April 2018.  Ewe lambs will be available for pickup in July.

George Pettig
Pettig Livestock
New Bloomfield, MO                                         Central MO
636-578-0847                                                     gpettig@gmail.com
We specialize in a low input rotational grazing management system. Our medium framed Katahdin and Katahdin cross ewes see nothing but grass. No de-worming required on our ewes. We also run about 40 registered ewes and love to compete in the show ring. Please don’t hesitate to call us for any  of your needs or just to chat. The Pettigs


Luke & Maynard Lillehaugen
Lillehaugen Farms
Brocket, ND                                                         NE North Dakota
701-367-9018                                                      sheep@lillehaugenfarms.com
Lillehaugen Farms exposed 175 ewes to lamb in Feb-Apr 2018. Ewe lambs available for pickup in late June/early July. We look for thick, deep bodied, good milking easy keeping ewes that come off pasture in the fall ready to be exposed with no flushing. We sell our market lambs anywhere from 70 to 140 pounds depending on the price and demand at our local sales barn.

Selling Commercial Ewes

Do you own commercial hair sheep and use Registered Katahdin rams? We will help you market your Katahdin influenced commercial ewe lambs.

Contact KHSI Operations at (479-444+89441 or info@katahdins.org) to enroll and verify that you have purchased registered Katahdin rams in the last three years and the number of ewes in your program.  By enrolling in the KATPlus program, your name and information will be included on this KATPlus Ewe page  on our website and  KATPlus program ear tags will be provided at a minimal cost

Buying Commercial Ewes

Are you looking to buy large lots of commercial Katahdin influenced ewe lambs? We are providing a market place on our website for commercial hair sheep flocks producing ewe lambs from Registered Katahdin Rams. Go to www.Katahdins.org and look for the KATPlus Ewe  page.  Read the descriptions of the management styles of the sheep offered for sale and pick what is important to you in attaining your goals.

All transactions are between the buyer and the seller. KHSI is only helping make the introduction.

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