January 2020 Minutes

KHSI monthly Board of Directors meeting

January 16th, 2020
Attendance:  Jane Smith, Ron Young, Robert Walker, John Dyer, Michelle Canfield, Howard Covington and Lynn Fahrmeier, board members. Alan Culham, Operations Director, and Jim Morgan and Teresa Maurer, Educational Directors.
President Smith called the meeting to order at 8:08 PM CST.
Minutes of the December meeting were presented and corrected. Robert Moved to accept the corrected minutes, Michelle Seconded. Motion Passed.
Treasurers Report was given by Robert and Alan.


Old Business:
Photo Contest: Alan reported that the 2018 photos have been judged and he will organize the judging of the 2019 photos in the spring.
Lambing Record Books: Jim reported that the layout has been updated and the PDF file has been sent to the printer.
KREG (Katahdin Regional Educational Grants): Ron reported on the history of the grant program and led a discussion on moving forward with an improved program. Robert moved to change the KREG program by changing the grants to a 75% KHSI/ 25% Regional group match, monies can be used for Meals, speaker expenses, and venue expenses with no monetary cap. Howard seconded. Motion passed.


New business:
2020 Budget:
Alan and Robert presented the 2020 budget. A long discussion followed about the focus of the budget and how that aligned with the long term goals of KHSI. Lynn Moved to accept the budget, Howard second. Motion Passed. After more discussion, Michelle moved and Ron second to amend the budget to account for our obligation to Dr. Scott Bowdridge. Motion passed.
Education Manager Report:
Jim and Teresa reported that the Winter 2020 Hairald had been sent to the publisher. They are working on planning and producing one page educational fact sheets on a variety of topics. They are compiling an article list for the Spring 2020 Hairald. Also, Jim will be traveling to Scottsdale AZ to make a presentation to the ASI Genetic Stakeholders committee about the Katahdin  genomic project as well as other research efforts involving Katahdins.
Expo Sale Contract:
Jane presented a contract proposal from Willoughby Sales for managing and conducting the Expo Sale for KHSI in 2020. Robert Moved to accept the contract, Howard Second. Motion passed.
Prefix discussion:
Michelle led a long discussion about reusing many of the flock prefixes that have been assigned over the years. Many KHSI members join and never register any animals. Some only register a few. We would free up many prefix combinations if we could reuse these never/seldom used prefixes from the past. By common consent the board tabled this discussion to a later date.
Next meeting was set for February 20th at 8:00 pm CST
John moved to adjourn and Howard second. Motion passed and the meeting was adjourned at 9:58 pm CST.
Respectfully submitted,
Lynn Fahrmeier

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