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2021 Katahdin Expo Sale Report

2021 Midwest Stud Ram Katahdin Sale

2020 NAILE Katahdin Show

2020 KHSI Online Ram Sale Report

2020 KHSI Online Ewe Sale Report

2019 VA SWAREC Forage Ram Test Sale Results

2019 Expo Sale Results

2019 International Katahdin Sale – Midwest Stud Ram Sale Results

2018 National Katahdin Open Show – NAILE

2018 VA SWAREC Forage Ram Test Sale Results

2018 Kennedy Family Junior Katahdin Show NAILE

2018_National-Expo Katahdin_Sale_Report

2018 International Katahdin Sale Results at Midwest Stud Ram Sale

2017 Katahdin Expo/National Sale Results

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2017 Midwest Stud Ram Sale – Katahdin Results



2016 KHSI Expo – National Sale Results


2015 National Junior Katahdin Show – NAILE

2015 National Open Katahdin Show Results – NAILE

2015 KHSI Expo Sale Results

2015 Midwest Stud Ram Sale – Katahdin Numbers

GC Ram- Ed & Helen Julian, OH * GC Ewe-Tom & Maria Dosch, SD


2014 Big E Katahdin Show Results

2014 KHSI Expo Sale Results

2014 NAILE Open Katahdin Show Results

2014 NAILE Junior Katahdin Show Results

2014 Midwest Stud Ram Sale Results

2013 NAILE Katahdin Show Results

2013 KHSI Expo Sale Results

2013 Midwest Stud Ram Sale Results

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Results of the 2013 NAILE Katahdin Show


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