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UPDATED – 12.31.18


11-12-18 – Sheep Wanted – West Virginia
Commercial Ewe Lambs.  Looking for groups of ewe lambs 50-80 lb size to stock pastures.  Willing to talk about reserving spring lambs.  Brian Pulice  304-816-7857.


12-31-18 – For Sale – Missouri
Registered Ewe Flock Dispesal 165 registered Katahdin ewes, mostly yearling to 4 years. Closed flock since 2006 except for rams. SCD, BAG, DOC, RMK, SWP, HLB, and JF rams used. Grass based flock, no feet trimming in over 10
years, very little deworming. Exposed to SCD, BAG, and JF rams for April
lambs. $300/hd gate cut. Ad DeWit, DeWit Grass & Livestock, Armstrong, MO (918) 915-0909 or
12-31-18 – For Sale – North Central Arkansas
Flock Dispersal: Registered Exposed Ewe Lambs.  Flock dispersal due to sale of ranch. 50+ ewe lambs born February 2018 and bred for March 2019 lambing. $325ea. (mature ewes have sold). Ann Evans, Enchantment Ranch. Summit, AR. 870-656-1080 ph or text. See photos of flock and the covering rams on Enchantment Ranch (Arkansas) facebook page.

12-31-18 – For Sale – North Central Florida
Registered Yearling Ram & 2019 Lambs. April 2018 Ram for sale – big boned, thick and easy to handle. QR, Scrapie free program. Fawn colored. Also taking deposits for lambs being born now – many colors! Located in northcentral Florida. Ava Babnick, Euphoria Stables, Starke, FL. (218) 576-4336

11-19-18 – For Sale – NE Tennessee
Registered Ram Lambs. Round House Farm is offering 4 April 2018 born ram lambs. These lambs have been codon tested and tested negative for OPP. Excellent ADG averaging .79-.94 lbs;day. 60 day Adjusted Weights were between 55.64 and 61.55 lbs. Nice framed with good toplines. Easy keepers & very healthy. These lambs are sired by PKF 0130 “Burlie.” All are Twin born and raised by the dam. Both colored and white available. Prices vary by genetics.$300.-$450.. John & Sandra Coward, Round House Farm.  Speedwell TN, (423) 441-0295 or

11-12-18 – For Sale – Central Maryland
Registered Rams & Ewes. Beautiful 2 yr old registered brown ram $450. Other rams at $175. 2 yr old speckled & white registered ewes. Nice conformation. $275 each. Eric Neilson, Justifiable Acres. Lisbon, MD 301-676-2179 or

11-12-18 – For Sale – Western Kentucky
Flock Dispersal. Commercial Ewes & Registered Mature Rams.  95 very nice commercial ewes purchased from Dr Redwines Hill crest Katahdins; many lambing now.  3 registered Rams with one great dog This is a complete dispersal. All sheep are up to date on all shots. These sheep are in top shape. (sheep handling and feeding equipment also available).  if you are interested in adding to your flock or starting from scratch you won’t find a better or cleaner flock. Danny Garrett. Garrett Farms. Paducah, Ky (270) 366-1110,

11-12-18 – For Sale – Central Kentucky
Registered RR Ram Lambs. 8 ram lambs. The prices range from $250-$350. Two rams in the group were prepared for the national sale and received all the tests, but I was unable to make it to the sale. They both tested RR. They were born from ewes and a ram I purchased from Howard Brown. All the rams were born between late January & early March. Larkin Williams. Williams Farm. Bloomfield, KY. (270) 316-0184  or

11-12-18 – For Sale – Southern Kentucky
Exposed Registered & Commercial Yearling Ewes. 6 registered yearlings & 6 commercial yearling ewes exposed to registered Ram. Registered ewes $400; Commercial Ewes $200. Kevin Campbell, Rusty Hydrant Farm, Science Hill, KY. (606) 492-0219 or

11-12-18 – For Sale –Central Pennsylvania
Registered RR Proven Ram &Ram Lambs & Commercial Ewe Lambs.  Proven 2 year old ram $425 Nice long bodied white ram. Registered RR 6 mo. old ram lamb $325 Good weight gain on pasture, brown with white socks. Unregistered ram lambs, all sired by RR ram, $175-$200. Registered Ewe lambs $300. Caroline Mc Millen, Olde McMillen Homestead, Loysville, PA. (717) 582-6942,  or

10-29-18 – For Sale – NW Montana
Registered Ewe Lambs. 50 March-April 2018 born ewe lambs. Good quality lambs, up to date on vaccinations, dewormed, good shedders, and from a 200% plus producing flock. Shipping available and fee will be based on loaded mile. Recently taken off pasture and weaned/ready to haul. Health certifications and state specific required health information can be arranged by owner and cost will be the responsibility of the purchaser. Christy Kemp, River Breaks Ranch, Glendive, MT. Call/Text 406-941-0828.

10-29-18 – For Sale – NW Montana
Registered Ram Lambs. 5 Registerable ram lambs. White, well shedded. Born March-April 2018. Weaned and ready to haul. Can be vet and codon tested at buyers’ expense. Christy Kemp, River Breaks Ranch, Glendive, MT. Call/Text 406-941-0828.

10-29-18 – For Sale – Alabama
Commercial Yearling Rams. Two available – diff. bloodlines. $500 each. Born 02/2017. Both A-type coats twin born. 100% forage raised. Photos at  Suzanne Wright, Slocomb, AL (334) 803-4093 or

10-22-18 – For Sale – NE Alabama – SOLD
Commercial Ewe Lambs.Born in the early to mid spring. Ready to breed. Located in northeast AL in Collinsville. Price is $200/head for 20+ purchased. Less than 20 purchased will be $250/head. Contact Aubrey at or 256-630-1046. Aubrey Pigg, Collinsville, AL

10-22-18 – For Sale – Central Illinois
Registered Mature Proven Ram.  220 lb proven Registered ram. He knows what his job is. We just got a new ram. Sarah Von Qualen, Temporarily Heaven Farm.  Dalton City, IL 217-855-9339,

10-22-18 – For Sale – Southern Florida
Flock Reduction/Registered & Commercial.20 late spring ewe lambs, 100% ($500 each) and 50% ($250 each) KHSI registered JM & HLB blood lines. Downsizing flock – several 2-4 yr old ewes available, exposed to HLB ram. Breeding rams ($600 each). 15 commercial rams ready now. Call or email for pictures or additional information. , (863) 450-9188, Roberta Pettit, Lakeland, FL

10-22-18 – For Sale – SE Nebraska
Registered Ram/Ram Lambs. Commercial Ram Lamb.One 2017, A coat, rr, Twin – $400 out of TMD Orion. Four other 2018 Feb/March born rams available. A coat, twin, RR, from our top three production ewes. These rams are out of TMD Orion and CMG 11050. SFCP since 2005. Registered stock $375-$425. We also have one nice commercial ram 2018 ram available for $275. Forage based farm. Visit us on Facebook at Nemaha Hill Katahdins. Located 12 miles north of Lincoln, NE. Lori French, Nemah Hill, Ceresco, NE.  (402) 217-6217, ,

10-8-18 – For Sale – South Central Missouri
Commercial Ewe Lam bs. 50 head, Mar/Apr born ewe lambs in a pasture lambing operation. Sired by Birch Cove (BC) and KRK Katahdin rams. Stuart Zimmerman, Zimmerman, Farm, Tunas, MO. 417-419-9541. $185 per head or $175 per head for groups of 25 or more.

10-8-18 – For Sale – South Central Missouri
Registered Ewe Lam bs.30 head, Mar/Apr born ewe lambs in a pasture lambing operation. Sired by Birch Cove (BC) and KRK Katahdin rams. Stuart Zimmerman, Zimmerman, Farm, Tunas, MO. 417-419-9541. $250/head

10-8-18 – For Sale – North Dakota
Commercial Flock Dispersal. Out of quality registered stock in N & S Dakota, Dosch & Strelow. 60 March born ewe lambs, 20 yearlings, 25 mature (5-7 yr old) ewes. Ewes are on pasture now. Scott Hampson, Valley City, ND. 7014-840-8761.

10-8-18 – For Sale – Central Kentucky
Registered Ewes & Ram – Exposed. 14 ewes and 1 ram purchased from Howard Brown last year. They are all bred and registered. I’m hoping to sell before lambing season because I’m trying to save up for college and no longer have the time to care for them. $6000 for all. Transportation can be negotiated. Larkin Williams, Williams Farm. Bloomfield, KY. (270) 316-0184 or

10-8-18 – For Sale – Central Kentucky
Registered Ewe Lambs. I have 12 ewe lambs. Feb & Mar born 2018.. I’m going to college next year. Transportation can be negotiated. $3600 for all. Larkin Williams, Williams Farm. Bloomfield, KY. (270) 316-0184 or

10-8-18 – For Sale – South x SE Tennessee
Downsizing. Small family farm in middle Tennessee about 40 miles SE of Nashville with big beautiful Katahdin lambs/ewes/rams for sale from registered sheep. Have about 20 2018 ewe lambs and 20 wethers who only require a little more feeding to be perfect meat producers. Also, 2 ram lambs from the same year. Mostly white with occasional splash of color. These sheep are healthy, docile, friendly, grass fed primarily, but grained enough to make them easy to handle. Vaccinated. Also, selling 7-10 established moms born the last couple years and 2 gene tested rams from 2017/2016 just waiting to do their job. These are big boys who will produce well built babies who will grow fast. Sold as commercial or, if sold as registerable, will provide the paperwork so the purchaser can register. 2017 ewe lambs start at $250-275. Established ewes start at $300-325. Wethers $200 and rams $300. Small discount for large group purchases. Would possibly consider a ram trade to bring in new gene lines. Breeding season is here!! Add these healthy, friendly, productive, high-quality katahdins to your flock Maura Campbell, Stolen Moments Farm, Lacassas, TN.  (615) 202-6010, or

10-8-18 – For Sale – Oklahoma
Flock Reduction. Yearling ewes & ewe lambs exposed.7 proven registered yearlings.15-17 months old 3-4 registerable Feb-Mar, ewe lambs. 3 registerable Feb-Mar ram lambs. Prices for lambs, ewes and rams range from $175-$275. 580-421-5360 call or text. Leon McDonald of Roff, OK. A & L Katahdins

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