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UPDATED –1.20.20


1-20-20 – Sheep Wanted  – Northern LA.
Commercial Ewes. Looking to purchase 10-20 commercial ewes preferably in the Ark-La-Tex area.. Matthew McCain, McCain’s Family Farm, LLC, Ringgold, LA. (318) 364-6553,

12-1-19 – Sheep Wanted – Central Nebraska
Registered/Commercial Yearling Ram. Kelsey Foster, (402) 975-0013 or


1-20-20 – For Sale – SE/Central Kentucky
Registered Flock Dispersal. Closed flock of 52 registered Katahdin ewes, 29 adults and 23 ewe lambs. Flock is set up for aseasonal spring breeding/fall lambing. Ewe lambs born mid-September-early October. Original ewes purchased out of Ohio NSIP program. Asking $300 for the registered ewes and $250 for the ewe lambs. Assistance with transportation is available. The flock is clean, healthy, parasite resistant and productive, we are selling due to job relocation. Colleen & Andre Mugnier, Mugnier Farm, Harrodsburg, KY.  Please contact Colleen at 646-206-6724. Or

1-20-20 – For Sale – Central Louisiana
Registered & Commercial Katahdins. Katahdin and Katahdin X Sheep, PB Katahdin and Katahdin X Ewes will begin lambing on Jan 26th. 33-39 ewes and 2 rams .  ges 1-6 (Prices vary) Aaron Slayter, Slayter’s River Rouge Plantation , Colfax, LA.  or 318-652-8107 for pictures and pricing. Grant Parish, Louisiana

1-20-20 – For Sale – South Central Montana
Registered Exposed Ewe Lambs.15 reg. March/April 2019. ewes. Mostly trips/twins. Big, hardy, out of well bred, healthy, parasite resistant VJ & LLL dams. Sampson, The Old Man, Goliath bloodlines. Ram is by TRB Amtrac . Red Haute, Winchester bloodlines. Due to lamb April/May. Patricia Agnew, Agnew Ranch. Big Timber, MT 406-932-6503 or

1-06-20 – For Sale – NW Washington
Registered Mature Proven Ram. Born March 2014.  QRR150 Reg# 109787. Born as a twin with twin and triple dominating his bloodline. $25o.   Terry Batchelder, Breath of the Cascades, Ellensburg, WA. (509) 899-9753 or

1-06-20 – For Sale – Southern Tennessee
Registered Exposed Ewes. 1 Beautiful brown ewe (not just brown but a light brown with white hairs throughout). Ewe was born on Feb 2018 and not exposed to a ram until July to late September of this year. This animal has not been pregnancy checked, is believed bred but not guaranteed. Call to see if she is showing. My entire flock is white and I am selling all animals with color. I have a few other bred and exposed ewes I am selling for the same price. 5 total at $450 each.Good bloodlines from all over the nation. Closed Flock with the exception of a few newer ewes and a yearly ram change. Jonathan Hickerson, Hickerson Farms, Culleoka, TN.  (931) 212-1098 or or

1-06-20 – For Sale – Western Ohio
Registered Ewe Lambs & Mature Proven Registered Ram.  6 ewe lambs born March 6-13th, 2019 can be registered. $250 each. 2yr old registered ram born January 25, 2018. $300. Jim Wetzel, JK Farms. Arcanum, Ohio. 479-301-7184 or .

1-06-20 – For Sale -Pennsylvania
Registered Ewe Lambs & Mature Registered Proven Rams. 3-1/2 yr old twin born ram and 3-1/2 yr old triplet born ram. $400 ea.  7-ewe lambs 10 mos old – $300 each – exposed to ram since December 13; 2019. Pics on request for serious inquiries.  Tim & Deb Bajack, TBK Katahdins,. Tarentum, PA. (724) 224-8972 or

1-6-20 – For Sale – SW Missouri
Exposed Commercial Ewe Lambs & Exposed Commercial Ewes. 125 commercial ewe lambs born in Mar/April of 2019 exposed to rams. Due to start lambing in the first week of March. Minimum purchase of 20 lambs per buyer $250 ea). l also have 75 older exposed ewes for sale at $175 ea that are due to start lambing on February 20. Samuel Stoltzfus, Dunnegan, MO. (417) 599-8821 or

1-6-20 – For Sale – Western Colorado
Exposed Commercial Ewe Lambs & 2020 Lamb Crop.50+ April 2019 born ewe lambs that have been exposed to a ram (potential lambing starts 5/10/2020 $275.  Also, 2020 lambs are currently being born will start selling late-March price based on age starting at $150.  Ricchard Blosser, North Fork Katahdins, Hotchkiss, CO.  (970) 216-2807,

1-6-20 – For Sale – Eastern Tennessee
Registered Long-Yearling Rams. Almost two years old they have great disposition friendly will eat out of your hand. They have been handled a lot and are not skiddish. Great colors. Shelley Hilton, Triple B Katahdins. Blountville, TN.  (423) 946-2960 or

1-6-20 – For Sale – Eastern Tennessee
Registered Exposed Ewes. Great disposition easy to handle really nice colors some are all white, some light red, some light to dark brown. Some that are spotted colors. $300-$350 ea. Shelley Hilton, Triple B Katahdins. Blountville, TN.  (423) 946-2960 or

11-25-19 – For Sale -Montana
Commercial Ewes & Ewe Lambs.   100+ purebred spring ewe lambs and ewes from 1-4 years old. $150 -$200. Diamond Willow Katahdins. Ted or Stacy Gasvoda at 406-750-5956. Simms, Montana

11-25-19 – For Sale – NW Arkansas
Registered & Recorded Proven Ewes.20 Breeding Ewes. Registered or Recorded. $225-300 each. Ewes are proven breeders and are part of NSIP Our breeding program has worked for the goals of parasite resistance, good growth, twin/triplet birth ease, good mothering abilities, and pasture rearing. Have used USD, NWT, RMK & BC sires (USDA Booneville, Hound River – Newton, Round Mtn – Morgan & Birch Cove – Coplen. Joe & Genevieve Villines, Villines Family Farm, Ponca AR. (870) 861-5323 or or

11-25-19 – For Sale – NE Missouri
Commercial Katahdin & Katahdin Cross Ewes – Exposed.  80 + – head of bred commercial Katahdin and Katahdin cross ewes. Ages range from 1-5 years old. Bred to start lambing January 16th for about 55 days. All are proven females that raise them right. These are big healthy ewes that breed back on time! We cull heavy to maintain good uddered, sound structured, easy keeping females. If we weren’t transitioning to a registered, purebred operation then these ladies wouldn’t be going anywhere. They are bred to purebred Katahdin rams to make your future replacement females. They are ready to work for you! Gate cut of 20 head or more. Located in Paris, MO. $200/head  Britton Francis, (573) 721-1683 or

11-25-19 – For Sale – NE Oklahoma
Registered Ram Lamb. Jan born, twin, long bodied with good conformation. This ram is friendly and has a good genetic package with parasite resistance. Did extremely well maintaining his body cond. breeding 35 ewes on a forage-based system. Aggressive breeder with tight breeding groups. Mostly white with some speckles and spots, black hooves. Adj weights and records available.  Craig Campbell, Ochelata, OK. (918) 331-7353 or

11-25-19 – For Sale – NW Tennessee
Registered Flock Dispersal – Ewes Exposed. 45 registered ewes 2 rams . Nothing older than 5 years. Ewes are heavy Country Oak ranch bred. American idol, ,Deep South Meat Maker, Meat Concept, Next Generation, JM Main Objective. All southern state sires. One 4 year old ram one 3 year old ram. Both are out of COR American idol. Excellent flock I have been intensively culling for 10 years. All ewes have been exposed. Entire ewe flock $350/head. If you pick them, they will be $400. Minimum of 10. Call Kody Owe, O2 Farms, Gleason, TN. (731)571-3369  or

11-25-19 – For Sale – SE Indiana
Registered Exposed Ewes. Flat Rock Katahdins is offering a limited number of registered bred ewes for sale. These ewes are bred to lamb in February 2020. They are 2 and 3 years of age. Mostly sired by RR ram from Dave & Jane Smith, or Dyer Family Katahdins. Very good type, with excellent maternal characteristics. Records are kept for number of births, lambs born and more. These ewes are bred to a ram from Dyers, that is sired by Shultz breeding. Asking price $350 each. Our ewes are pastured in season, with minimal deworming. They will do well in a pasture-based operation. – No Sunday calls please. Bruce Weaver, Flat Rock Katahdins, Flat Rock IN, 812-374-7107,

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