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UPDATED – 5-20.19


5-06-19 – Sheep Wanted – Central Nebraska
Commercial Ewes.  30-50 ewes (yearlings & older) as close to central Nebraska as possible. Need by the end of summer. Kelsey Foster, Foster Grasslands, Berwyn, NE. (402) 975-0013 or

4-29-19 – Sheep Wanted – North Central PA
Commercial Yearlings or Ewe Lambs. Looking for ewe lambs and/or yearlings as cose as possible to North Central PA. Abe Capece, ATC Famil Farm LP. Columbia Crossing, PA. or 267-530-4327


5-20-19 – For Sale – SW Missouri
Registered Ewe Lambs. Exceptionally choice 2019 Spring ewe lambs (20)out parents with great haircoats. Healthy foot rot free herd.  $325 ea. Kevin Beatty, Thousand Oak Ranch. Carl Junction, MO. (417) 437-4523  or

5-20-19 – For Sale – SW Missouri
Downsizing. Registered Yearlings & Lambs. Downsizing herd. June 2018 (25) & Spring 2019 lambs (10). QR or better phenotype. Production pasture and hybrid parentage. Healthy and foot rot free herd.  $300 ea. Kevin Beatty, Thousand Oak Ranch. Carl Junction, MO. (417) 437-4523  or

5-20-19 – For Sale – SW Missouri
Downsizing. Registered Flock. Downsizing 400 head registered herd, kids all in college. Production brood ewes with good udders, great maternal, good milkers and complete shedding haircoats. Easy keepers that would be excellent starter or foundation herd. Healthy and foot rot free herd. 30 head (2, 3,4 & 5 yrs old). $300 ea. Kevin Beatty, Thousand Oak Ranch. Carl Junction, MO. (417) 437-4523  or

5-20-19 – For Sale – NE Texas
Recorded Ewe & Ram Lambs. 19 recorded ewe lambs born March 1st through March 23rd. Lambed from two KHSI registered RR rams & 100% commercial Katahdin ewes. The lambs are not the offspring of an upgrade program using wool or Dorper sheep ! 100% hair sheep with 100% of the benefits of true hair sheep. Percentages are – 4 @ 50%, 11 @ 75% and 4 @ 87.5% $4275 for the ewe lamb group. Email for pricing on smaller quantities.  6 recorded ram lamb prospects (siblings from the above group of ewe lambs). 1 @ 75% and 5 @ 87.5% $275 each for ram lambs. 11 wether lambs from same lambing – $1650. for the wether group
Above prices valid until June 2019.
Our lambs are properly weaned, started on alfalfa pellets, good hay, loose mineral, pasture, vaccinated (CDT) and de-wormed prior to pickup or delivery. They are familiar with a Great Pyrenees livestock guardian dog, electric cross-fencing, woven field wire perimeter fencing, creep gates, sheds for shelter, trees for shade, water trough and pond drinking. They graze all day on pasture with dams and are brought into a night paddock for shelter and a little alfalfa in the creep pen.
Veterinary Inspection – any animal with a destination outside the State of Texas legally requires a Certificate of Veterinary Inspection. This is an additional cost to the buyer. Currently the vet charges $45.00 for a scheduled farm call, $25.00 for the completed certificate and $5.00 for each sheep listed on the certificate. If your state requires specific testing beyond the basic certificate, additional vet charges may apply.
Delivery – We offer limited delivery, generally locations fairly close to us. The cost is $1.35 per loaded mile, with a $50.00 minimum.
Lynn & Richard Rocha, Dautobi Acres, Celeste, TX.  (903) 453-5343 or or

5-20-19 – For Sale – NE Texas
Commercial Lambs & Ewes & Breeding RamsAll are commercial Katahdins on a grass/hay based program with very little supplementation. Professionally maintained but not pampered. Hooves, teeth and udders good (not culls). 30 ewes from 4 to 6 years of age – $325 each or $295 for groups of 10 or more. 5 yearling ewes (14 mths) at $350 ea. 21 wether yearlings (grass-fed) 14 months of age $195 each or $180 for groups of 10 or more.  2 breeding rams, 2 years and 4 years, $300 each, 19 ewe lambs, 2 & a half months of age, $260 each or $240 each for all. 21 wether lambs 2 & a half months of age, $ 175 each or $150 each for all. 2 rams, breeding prospects, 3.5 months of age $195 each. Paul Magedson, Good Earth Organic Farm. Celeste, TX. (903) 496-2070 or or

5-20-19 – For Sale – SW Missouri
Registered Ram Lambs. 25 Spring premium production breeding rams. Top 5% (cream of the crop 400 ewe flock) All out excellent A haircoat sire & dams, structurally correct, from big framed solid parasite resistant ewes with great maternals. No slackards. $600 ea. Can be delivered to Midwest Stud Ram Sale in Sedalia, MO. Kevin Beatty, Thousand Oak Ranch. Carl Junction, MO. (417) 437-4523  or

5-20-19 – For Sale – Central Georgia
Registered Ram & Ewe Lambs.Lambs, ewes & rams, born Jan & Feb 2019, registered purebred Katahdins, $350 ea. Suznee Kozee, SunRidge Farms, Molena, GA. (678) 877-9860 or
5-20-19 – For Sale – North Central Florida
Registered & 75% Recorded Lambs, Rams, Ewes; 1 registered 3 yr old ewe; 2 yearling registered ewes; ewes exposed to registered ram. CDTs, pasture grazed, of the 16 sheep, all but 2 are RR; the 2 are QR; none have ever needed worming. Breeding stock chosen for conformation, meaty thighs, and good health. Some white, some tri-colored brown/black/white. We’re in North Central Florida — Blood lines include Michelle Liebersher, Karen Kenagy, Cindy Brasfield, Ricochet Registered Katahdins. Lambs DOBs range from 1/24 through 4/8. Check out Santa Fe BRE Farm on Facebook.  Diane Warfield, Santa Fe BRE Farm, High Springs, FL. (352) 278-1668 or

5-20-19 – For Sale – NE Pennsylvania
Registered RR &QR Ewe  Lambs. 13 registered ewe lambs. Genetically tested for RR codon, (for Scrappie Free program). All Lambs are healthy, no hoof rot. Ready to go soon 11 are RR, 2 are QR. Prices; Registered Ewe Lambs $300. RR Registered Ewe Lambs $350.6 or More = 10% discount. Serious inquiries only. Anne & Don Landis, Highland Farm, Dushore Pa.,,  and FB and Pinterest at (Highland Farm). 215-313-2917 for Anne.

5-20-19 – For Sale – Central Wisconsin
Registered Ram Lambs.8 Registered ram lambs. Various colors, some are single, some are twin births. all have CDT vaccine . Dad is RR. $175-$200 ea. All born March 2019 & will be weaned in July. Please call or text 920-420-1775. Holly Hilke, Berlin, WI.

5-20-19 – For Sale – SE Nebraska
Registered Ewe & Ram Lambs; 2018 Yearling Rams.  Nemaha Hill Farm has registered 2019 ewe lambs, most twin/RR – out of KRK or CMG sires available end of May. – $400. Registered 2018 rams – RR, A coat – NH, TMD or CMG sires – $425-550. Top of the 2019 ram lambs – registered -99% RR, $375-$400 for sale late May. Forage based farm. SFCP since 2005. Located 12 miles north of Lincoln, Nebraska. Pictures available upon request. Call/email Lori French, Nemahill Farm, Ceresco, NE.  (402) 217-6217 or

5-20-19 – For Sale – SW Minnesota
Registered & Commercial Ewe Lambs.40 Jan born ewe lambs. Registered & commercial available. Twin or Triplets, high quality maternally oriented replacements sired by our Buckeye Acres stud Megatron. Pictures available email or text. $300 for registered or $250 for commercial. Justin Fruechte, Sturdy Post Ranch, Pipestone, MN. 605-690-3309  or

5-20-19 – For Sale -Western Ohio
Registered Ewe & Ram Lambs.Two registered ewes and a registered ram lamb for sale. Born mid-February to mid-March. They will be ready middle of June. The lambs are scrapie genotype RR and are twins. Misty Oak, Buckeye Acres, and Dyer Katahdin bloodlines. These lambs are tame and handled daily. They are grass fed only and never chemically dewormed. Out of a RR triplet ram. The price is $350. Pictures are available upon request Rebekah Evans Heaven’s Sunshine Acres Rossburg, OH 937-338-3077,

5-06-19 – For Sale – NE Tennessee
Registered RR/QR Ewe Lambs. Round House Farm is offering a nice group of ewe lambs were born mid-December – early February (52 total). These ewes are from Burlie (PKF 0130) or Jumpin’ Jack (SHU 3923). Both of these rams are codon tested RR, so lambs will be either QR or RR if tested. All of our flock is Registered (no commercial or recorded) and have been tested for OPP. These lambs have been raised in a basic farm-pasture type environment with minimal grain. They have had their CD&T + booster and were dewormed on April 17th, 2019. They have been weaned and are ready for new homes.  John & Sandra Coward, Round House Farm, Speedwell, TN. (423) 441-0295 or

5-06-19 – For Sale – SW Indiana
Proven Registered RR Ram. Proven two-year old ram born Jan 2017 on Tavalin Tails Farm in TN. Long bodied. Successfully covered all his ewes in two breeding seasons. Red and white. Will deliver up to 100 miles for free. Can negotiate longer delivery. Pictures on request. $400: Daniel Kolb. St Meinrad, IN.(812) 357-7914 or

5-06-19 – For Sale –Iowa
Registered Rams, Registered Ram & Ewe Lambs.Registered ewe and ram lambs at $300-$400 ea, Registered yearling & older rams, various bloodlines and ages. $600-$800 ea. Kole Kinion, Kinion Katahdins, Sully, IA (641) 891-1334,

5-06-19 – For Sale –NW Missouri
Ewe Flock Reduction., 8 Ewes (3 ewes have lamb at their side. Out of excellent blood lines, (6 of the ewes are pure Katahdins, 2 are ¾ Katahdins and ¼ Suffolk). Three of the 2 yr old pure Katahdin Ewes have a lamb by their side. This is their first lambing, lambs are very colorful, they are around 4 to 6 wks old. Ewes have good milk bags, excellent mothers, very strong maternal instinct, well built, healthy, up to date on shots etc. Five – bred yearling ewes – first lambing. Were exposed in Dec-Jan. 2018. Are forming milk bags, well built, healthy up to date on shots etc. (Three are pure Katahdin and two are 3/4 Katahdin & 1/4 Suffolk). Should be lambing around end of May, first part of June. Three ewes can be Registered, Six can be Recorded. Reason I am selling is we need more space. Would like to sell as a group $250 a head 8 ewes (lambs included), which come to $2000. Pick and choose $275 to $300. Hehd & Cheryl Webster, CJ Katahdins. Savannah, Mo, 10 miles north of St Joseph, MO. or 816-752-0218 for Cheryl.

5-06-19 – For Sale – Eastern Texas
Recorded Ewes & Lambs. Need to reduce flock. Two year old recorded ewes and March/April 2019 Recordable lambs. Theodore Samter, Sand Hill Farm, Gilmer TX. (843) 651-246 .

5-06-19 – For Sale – Central Florida
Registered Ewe Lambs.  Lambs have nice hair coats & excellent parasite resistance. We do not have to deworm our flock & carefully select and register lambs that we sell for breeding stock. Will be ready to go beginning of June. Daniel Turlington,  Southland Farm, Wildwood, FL (352) 446-5411 or   (Wildwood, FL is an hour from Orlando & half hour from Ocala.) Transport maybe available depending on location in southeast USA.

5-06-19 – For Sale – SxSE Alabama
Commercial Flock with Registered Rams.  Perfect Starter Flock! 27 Ewes, 42 Lambs, 2 Registered Rams Selling entire flock of purebred Katahdin ewes with 90-day lambs at side. This is an excellent flock selected for structure, function, parasite resistance. No udder problems, no foot rot, no prolapses, all lamb born unassisted – range in age from 2 -5 years – most are under 4 years. All twinned or had triplets. Some triplets were sold off as bottle babies. Also have two, beautiful, 2-year-old registered rams, one out of Millionaire, one out of Poi. SE Alabama. All lambs have been vaccinated, boostered and wormed. Great opportunity to get into the Katahdin business. All are purebred and out of 100% registered stock, just have not kept up with registrations. All are A coat. Mostly white with some spotted and a few red  $16,000. Suzanne Wright, Gaucho Farms. Slcomb, AL. (334) 803-4093 or

5-06-19 – For Sale – SE Minnesota
Registered Ram & Ewe Lambs. This is what Doc Kennedy calls a “Once in a lifetime lamb”! If you need a Feb ram lamb to head your show flock and produce thick, muscular, structurally correct lambs with frame and bone this one is for you. He comes by it naturally. His dam is the top producer in our flock who sired our top ram lamb last year who is working in the Bue flock in Wisconsin. His dam’s mom was our choice of the ewes in Sadelia in ’13. A big bold triplet from KRK that weighed 84# @ 60 days. She is a never miss ewe. His dam’s sire is a big solid ram from the Pinto Ranch in Colorado. The ram is sired by a straight KRK ram that has consistently produced our best. This ram lamb looks like a Budweiser Clydesdale. Big Frame, Big Top, Big Butt, Big Bone. He is black with a white blaze face, 2 white sox, & a white tail. He will stand out in the show ring! Bring the trailer and $1500. Other stud ram prospects @$500. Also selling our top 6 ewe lambs. Feb born. $3000 takes the 6. They will be available in July. Call or text works best 507-451-2722 Judy & Bryan Madsen, Straight River Lambing Compnay, Faribault MN. 12 head total. We sell out every year so call now and we can send you photos.

4-29-19 – For Sale – Central Maryland
Registered & Recorded Rams, Ewes, Lambs & Yearlings. $250 ea. Katherine Neilson, Justifiable Acres Ranch. Lisbon, MD. 410-489-5123 or 301-676-2179.

4-29-19 – For Sale – SW Virginia

Starter Flock.: Consists of six 2017-2018 Registered/Recorded Ewes. Worm resistant, twin producing lines.  Natural births, rearing 100%. Nice ample bags, excellent mother instinct.  Sold with or without 2019 Reg. RR Ram Lamb by DOC:  Photos & more info by by email, Judy Kincer, Old Slate Farm, Wytheville, VA, , 276-686-4838. Lv msg

4-29-19 – For Sale – SW Virginia
Registered/Recorded/Commercial Lambs. Offering 2019 Spring lambs. Registered/Commercial, or Recorded your choice $300-$350. Out of worm resistant twin and triplet producing ewes, by Out of: DOC Second Coming son. POY 44 line. & Langston U Test Ram.. Photos & more info by by email, Judy Kincer, Old Slate Farm, Wytheville, VA, , 276-686-4838. Lv msg

4-29-19 – For Sale – Eastern KS
Commercial Ewe Lambs. Commercial April 2019 born ewe lambs either a twin or triplet . accelerated genetics (every 7-8 months). Dams have Coplen (Birch Cove) or Greenwood (Silver Maple) genetics. Lambs by Easy Care or Katahdin fall born twin born rams. $250. your pick after weaning. Call or Text Richard Koch, 913 230 7178. Bucyrus, KS (30 mile south of (Kansas City)

4-15-19 – For Sale – Northern Maryland
Registered Ram Lambs. March/April born ram lambs available in June/July. Dams from the well-known Whitmore Farm Line of Maryland. Sire is from the Virginia Tech Parasite Resistance Sale and from the Silver Maple Sheep Farm in Virginia. All ram lambs are RR and pasture raised. $250-$350. Steve Steinberg, Stony Branch Farm, Emmitsburg, MD. (301) 693-3379

4-15-19 – For Sale – Missouri
Registered & Commercial Ewes. 6 registered ewes & 2 yearling registered ewes ($300 each). 20 commercial 3-4 yr old ewes (lambing now; $200 each).  Clifford Mast, Sarcoixe, MO.  417-439-3048 or

4-15-19 – For Sale – North Central Florida
Registered Yearling Ram. Registered Ram Lambs. Big boned, nice coat, super caramel coloring. They are all from a Scrapie Free Flock and were born between 12/15/18 and 3/15/19. All are registered KHSI. Also one April, 2018 yearling ram available. They are excellent quality, but we’ve had too many rams this year and need to move these youngsters. $300 each. Meredith Babnick, Starke FL, 218-576-4336 or

4-15-19 – For Sale  – South Central Kentucky
Registered Yearling Ewes. 50 purebred yearling ewes born March to April 2018, daughters of 5 RR rams and productive ewes. Born on grass, raised on grass, Selected for parasite resistance and for forage production, price $350.00.Jeff/Michelle Emmerling J&M Sheep, Bonnieville KY 270-763-7344

4-15-19 – For Sale –  North Central Texas
Registered RR Ram Lambs.  Born early February. All lambs current on CD/T.  Sire is “Paymaster’” Riv 704.  60 day weights available.  $500 or OBO.  Located in Royse City, Texas.  I can deliver to the SCKA meeting in Vicksburg,, MS. or the Mid West Stud Ram Sale in Sedalia MO.  Clifford Spraberry, Spraberry Acres.  469-576-7620 or

4-01-19 – For Sale – Western Ohio – SOLD
Registered Ram Lamb. Feb born registered ram lamb available in mi- May after weaning. Twin born, birth weight. 9.6lbs. His parents are scrapie tested and ram is RR and ewe, QR. Raised only on forage and 31lbs (at five weeks). Coal black in color and growing well. He is tame and handled daily. Misty Oak, Buckeye Acres, and Dyer Katahdin bloodlines. The price is $350.  Our sheep are grass fed only and are never chemically dewormed. We strive to raise our animals as naturally as possible.  Pictures available upon request., Rebekah Evans Heaven’s Sunshine Acres Rossburg, OH 937-338-3077,

4-1-09 – For Sale – West Central Arkansas – Online Sale. Last day to bid is 4/18/19 – SALE OVER
Registered & Commercial Rams, Ewes, Ram Lambs & Ewe Lambs. Online sale with submitted bids. Animals sell for $5 over the second highest bid. Spring 2018 & Fall 2018 born avialble. Selected for parasite resistance and  for forage production. USDA ARS Small Farm Reseach Center, Booeville, AR. Catalog available after 4/8/19.  Contact Erin Wood at 479-849-8610 or Joan Burke at 479-675-3834 ext 325 for more information.  Call those numbers to have a catalog mailed or email them to have a catalog & bid sheet emailed.

4-01-19 – For Sale – Central Minnesota
Registered Ewe Lambs.  30 registered Jan./Feb.born ewe lamb. Ready to go June 1st. Averaged twins and triplets, up to date on CDT shots. $250 each, sired by DOC P1447 & SRL-C1625. Thanks for looking. Brian and Jenny Lenzen, Chaska MN 55318. (952)212-8649 or email

4-01-19 – For Sale – Central Ohio
Registered Proven RR Ram. Commercial & Registered Ram Lambs.  Proven registered RR ram. Also, registered and commercial lambs born January 2019. Long level backs with heavy bone. Sired by registered RR buck. Lamb prices $250 commercial & $500 registered. Joe Beiter,  Countryside Katahdins. Pleasantville, OH 740-503-7558

3-25-19 – For Sale – North Carolina
Commercial Hair Ewe Lambs. Katahdin x Blk Dorper crosss. Available Jul & August. Dennis Karriker, 704-857-3718

3-25-19 – For Sale – SE Louisiana
Registered Yearling Ram & Commercial Ram Lambs.  Born Jan 2018. Large frame with excellent feet. He is a proven sire and a grandson of COR American Idol. Selling him because we are keeping quite a few of his offspring, which are on site for viewing. $400 Our operation is almost exclusively forage based. We only feed enough to keep our flock tame and easy to move around and handle. We also have Commercial Rams available of excellent genetics for $200 Please call or text Ben for more info. 225-456-3577 Located just outside of Baton Rouge Louisiana. Ben Brignac, Stringer Bridge LLC, Sant Amant, LA

Wanted – Livestock Protection Animals

For Sale – Livestock Protection Animals

5-06-19 – For Sale – Central Florida
Registered AKC Great Pyrenees Puppies. Puppies cost $650 & will have full registration. Planned litter for end of May. Parents are LGD for katahdin hair sheep flock. Parents are good protectors of our flock & no losses during lambing season. Puppies will begin guardian training at our farm and will be exposed to lambs and chickens. Call 352 446 5411 if you are interested in a puppy. Daniel Turlington,  Southland Farm, Wildwood, FL (352) 446-5411 or  (Wildwood, FL is an hour from Orlando & half hour from Ocala.)

4-01-19 – For Sale – North Central Kentucky
Anatolian/Great Pyrenees cross pups. 5/8ths Anatolian Shepherd – 3/8ths Pyrenees puppies born 2/6/2019. Ready to go 4/3/2019. Have been dewormed twice and will have second vaccinations prior to departure. Accustomed to sheep and small children. Check out our website to see more photos including the parents (The father is Kai and the mother is Zumrah). Puppies have been dewormed twice and will have at least two vaccinations prior to departure. They will be ready to go April 3rd. $275; discounts for multiples.  David Jarboe, Lone Oaks Pasture, Campbellsburg, KY. (270) 315-4447 or or

For Sale – Herding Dogs

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