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UPDATED –11.25.19


10-14-19 – Sheep Wanted–NE Kansas
Commercial/Registered Ram.  Looking to purchase an all-white structurally correct 2019 ram lamb. Will consider an older used ram if from a closed clean flock. Will be placed on all white ewe lambs. Willing to travel. Main focus on my flock is market lambs- good gains, and replacement ewes- maternal instincts. Christy Erpelding, Labette Lambs, Atchison.KS. (913) 370-3698 or

9-30-19 – Sheep Wanted – SW Iowa
Registered Ram/Ram Lamb.  Looking for a ram that is Genotype 1,1 for 1/,4 or 4/4 or TMEM 154, decreased OPP susceptibility.  Jeff Gross. Defiance IA.  712-579-4906.

9-30-19 – Sheep Wanted – SE Texas
Commercial Ewes.  I am looking to purchase 6 young Katahdin ewes (lambs to 2 yr olds). Bred or not. Would like to purchase locally. I live in Southeast Texas on the border of Louisiana. Ed Scarborugh, Orange TX, (409) 782-4416 or

9-30-19 – Sheep Wanted – Central Minnesota
Registered White Ram. Looking for breeder ram for start-up flock. Ewes are registered white Katahdins- looking to keep the flock white. For November- early December.  Anton Deja, Dejaview,  Browerville, MN. (320) 533-0943


11-25-19 – For Sale -Montana
Commercial Ewes & Ewe Lambs.   100+ purebred spring ewe lambs and ewes from 1-4 years old. $150 -$200. Diamond Willow Katahdins. Ted or Stacy Gasvoda at 406-750-5956. Simms, Montana

11-25-19 – For Sale – NW Arkansas
Registered & Recorded Proven Ewes.20 Breeding Ewes. Registered or Recorded. $225-300 each. Ewes are proven breeders and are part of NSIP Our breeding program has worked for the goals of parasite resistance, good growth, twin/triplet birth ease, good mothering abilities, and pasture rearing. Have used USD, NWT, RMK & BC sires (USDA Booneville, Hound River – Newton, Round Mtn – Morgan & Birch Cove – Coplen. Joe & Genevieve Villines, Villines Family Farm, Ponca AR. (870) 861-5323 or or

11-25-19 – For Sale – NE Missouri
Commercial Katahdin & Katahdin Cross Ewes – Exposed.  80 + – head of bred commercial Katahdin and Katahdin cross ewes. Ages range from 1-5 years old. Bred to start lambing January 16th for about 55 days. All are proven females that raise them right. These are big healthy ewes that breed back on time! We cull heavy to maintain good uddered, sound structured, easy keeping females. If we weren’t transitioning to a registered, purebred operation then these ladies wouldn’t be going anywhere. They are bred to purebred Katahdin rams to make your future replacement females. They are ready to work for you! Gate cut of 20 head or more. Located in Paris, MO. $200/head  Britton Francis, (573) 721-1683 or

11-25-19 – For Sale – NE Oklahoma
Registered Ram Lamb. Jan born, twin, long bodied with good conformation. This ram is friendly and has a good genetic package with parasite resistance. Did extremely well maintaining his body cond. breeding 35 ewes on a forage-based system. Aggressive breeder with tight breeding groups. Mostly white with some speckles and spots, black hooves. Adj weights and records available.  Craig Campbell, Ochelata, OK. (918) 331-7353 or

11-25-19 – For Sale – NW Tennessee
Registered Flock Dispersal – Ewes Exposed. 45 registered ewes 2 rams . Nothing older than 5 years. Ewes are heavy Country Oak ranch bred. American idol, ,Deep South Meat Maker, Meat Concept, Next Generation, JM Main Objective. All southern state sires. One 4 year old ram one 3 year old ram. Both are out of COR American idol. Excellent flock I have been intensively culling for 10 years. All ewes have been exposed. Entire ewe flock $350/head. If you pick them, they will be $400. Minimum of 10. Call Kody Owe, O2 Farms, Gleason, TN. (731)571-3369  or

11-25-19 – For Sale – SE Indiana
Registered Exposed Ewes. Flat Rock Katahdins is offering a limited number of registered bred ewes for sale. These ewes are bred to lamb in February 2020. They are 2 and 3 years of age. Mostly sired by RR ram from Dave & Jane Smith, or Dyer Family Katahdins. Very good type, with excellent maternal characteristics. Records are kept for number of births, lambs born and more. These ewes are bred to a ram from Dyers, that is sired by Shultz breeding. Asking price $350 each. Our ewes are pastured in season, with minimal deworming. They will do well in a pasture-based operation. – No Sunday calls please. Bruce Weaver, Flat Rock Katahdins, Flat Rock IN, 812-374-7107,

11-3-19– For Sale – Central Maryland
Registered & Recorded Rams, Ewes, Lambs & Yearlings.  2019 lambs born Apr-May. $225-$275. Katherine Neilson, Justifiable Acres Ranch. Lisbon, MD. 410-489-5123 or 301-676-2179.

11-3-19– For Sale –SW Missouri
Registered Mature Proven Ram. $500 Sand Mtn Kathadins, Alabma bred ram. SMK 1647, NSIP  6401572016161647. Doyle Weaver, Nevada, MO (417) 667-5294 or

11-3-19 – For Sale North Central Ohio
Registered Flock Dispersal. 23 ewes (2+ yrs old), 1 ram. RR and QR. Good bags, good feet, very productive flock. $220 straight thru for entire flock. Individual up to $500  Randy Garner, TRG Farm. New London, OH. 419-706-9247 OH

11-3-19 – For Sale – SW Tennessee
Registered Yearling Ram. Registered Ewes. Registered Lamb. Ram, -$250, 2 yr old proven momma ewes exposed to ram. Registered Yearling lamb $175.  Raynie Schnell., Celestine IN. (812) 309-4702,

11-3-19 – For Sale – Central Kentucky
Commercial Ewes lambs. From a large grass-based flock. Low maintenance, great parasite resistance. mothering ability. Use registered rams that from flocks averaging over 200% lambing rates. April born -lambs raised entirely on grass. Recently placed on dry lot due to limited pasture. Born April 2019,90 to chose from, at least 60 or so would make great ewes.Pick the ones you want, minimum lot size of 10, discounts for more than 25. Dan Hardin., Brandenburg, KY. (270) 925-2857 or

10-14-19 – For Sale –SE Oklahoma
Flock Dispersal.  I am looking to sale my entire flock. You may call me to discuss any details. All my sheep are 100% white Katahdin. I can send picture upon request. My original Ram and Ewes were all registered when I bought them but I have never registered the yearlings. I am willing to negotiate a lower price if you purchase the entire flock. Currently I have the following for sale: Registered Ram $400, Registered Ewes 9 – $175, Commercial Ewes 17 – $175, Commercial Yearling Ewes – $165, Commercial Yearling Rams- $165.   Henry Bierman, Windy Hill Farm, Mcalester OK. 918-424-8844

10-14-19 – For Sale –Eastern Virginia
Registered Proven RR Ram.Our registered 3 year old RR ram is looking for a new home. He is a twin ram breed by Stablerock Katahdins in Kentucky and has a Hunt Road sire and Lazy D Ranch dam. He will be 3 years old in January. He weighed 260 pounds in mid-August. He is structurally sound and passes along quality genetics. His 2019 lamb crop had a solid WDA (weight of day average) of .50 pounds. We have retained many of his ewe lambs and need to introduce new genetics to our herd. He will be available November 3 to pick up.Brenda Kettlewell, Stephens City, VA.  (540) 533-8025 or or

10-14-19 – For Sale –Southern Tennessee
Registered/Commercial Ram Lambs. Registered Exposed Mature Ewes. Registered Mature Ram.  Only three March born rams are left. They are all grass fed animals and the flock has never had a major parasite problem and no foot problems. We have sold the sire of these rams but the ewes are on site and we have pictures of the father. With heavy culling we try hard to breed for short, stocky animals. When originally building the flock, we traveled all over TN searching for only triplet born whites ewes, the bloodlines we purchased at that time were from all over the nation and gave us a very diverse gene pool. We heavily culled everything that didn’t shed out quickly or had spots but we’ve allowed a few spots back in by using a ram with the correct meat making confirmation but with one small brown spot.
These young rams can be bought registered ($275) or unregistered ($200). With these meat making bloodlines you are sure to improve your flock. A good ram will completely transform next years flock. The rams look good and appear ready for fall / winter breeding. The young rams have not been RR tested and have not yet had the paperwork sent in for registration in case someone isn’t interested in registering. A few possibly bred (not pregnancy checked and not guaranteed, only ram exposed) and fully registered ewes can be bought for $400.00. This years main flock ram (great build and temperament) can be purchased for $450.00. Jonathan Hickerson, Hickerson Farms, Culleoka, TN. View us and like us on Facebook at HIC MEAT SHEEP. Call us at 931-212-1098.

10-14-19 – For Sale –Central Texas
Commercial Ewes and Rams; Commercial Lambs. Pure-bred commercial Katahdins on 100% grassfed program. These sheep have been selected for parasite resistance and high-quality meat production on pasture. Low-maintenance: no health problems, and all lambs born unassisted. Ewes (exposed & probably bred): $275. Breeding rams: $375. Ewe & ram lambs from 2018/2019 winter lambing: $250. Discounts for groups of 5 or more. Mike McGeary, McGeary Ranch, Cameron, TX. 512-633-2624 or

10-14-19 – For Sale –Eastern Kentucky
Registered/Commercial Ram & Ewe Lambs.Ram & ewe lambs born February 2019 for sale out of registered parents. Our sheep are grass fed only. Their sire is an RR ram from Virginia tech ram study. I have EBV’S from NSIP on all sheep. We do not sell any sheep that we would not breed. $275 ea. Rebecca Beal, R & R Katahdin Farm, Wellington, KY. (606) 768-3847

10-14-19 – For Sale – Central Pennsylvania
Registered Ewe Lambs. 12 March born registerable ewe lambs. Healthy lambs, have never had any foot problems on our farm. Raised primarily on grass with minimal grain. $300 (Can sell without papers for $250).  Caroline McMillen, Olde McMillen Homestead, Loysville, PA (717)

10-14-19 – For Sale – East Central Kansas.
Registered Yearling Ram. Born Jan 2018. (BPG 447 TW). Great grandson of ‘Wildman’. Proven breeder to over 20 ewes this year.  Want to sell this fall $450. Call Jim at (785) 746-8805.  Jim & Patty Risch, New Song Farm, Quenemo, KS .

10-14-19 – For Sale – North Central Maryland
Registered Ram Lambs.  Born Mar/Apr Sire from VA Tech parasite resistance program. Dams from well-known Whitmore Farm lines that are no longer available. Very easy to work with pasture raised. $350/ Lamb. Contact  or 301-693-3379   Steve Steinberg,  Stony Branch Farm, Emmittsburg, MD

10-14-19 – For Sale – Central Pennsylvania
Registered Ram Lamb. March twin born black ram lamb. Healthy, long bodied, friendly ram lamb ready for his own ewes. $275 with papers, $225 without papers.  Caroline McMillen, Olde McMillen Homestead, Loysville, PA (717) 582-6942.

9-30-19 – For Sale – South Central Missouri
Yearling Registered Rams.   Two registered yearling rams. Stocky built. Both were twins. Sire “RIV 721 (2) RR”. For more info call (417)599-9073.  Chad Mast, Rocky Acres Ranch, Tunas, MO,

9-30-19 – For Sale – Central Maryland
Registered & Recorded Rams, Ewes, Lambs & Yearlings .2019 lambs born Apr-May. $225-$275. Katherine Neilson, Justifiable Acres Ranch. Lisbon, MD. 410-489-5123 or 301-676-2179.

9-30-19 – For Sale – NE Wisconsin
COMMERCIAL DISPERSAL – Up to 37 purebred ewes from 1-5 years old. Breeding data on all except for unbred yearlings. 9 yearlings on pasture only ready to flush – no deworming for 2019. 28 ewes on pasture with ADGs on all lambs (lambs not for sale – crossed with Texel). No scurs; QR+ or better; vaxxed with Chlamydia and Campylobacter annually. No rams left for sale. All ewes bought or bred from KHSI member stock.  $200-$250. Brett Heeney, Fox Crossing Farms, LLC –Appleton WI  920.355.3276 – We accept credit cards with a 3%

9-30-19 – For Sale – Middle Tennessee – SOLD
Registered RR Ram Lambs.$300, 120 days old, codon 171 tested RR.  Striving for Parasite Resistance, fecal testing done on premises. Grass Raised with minimal grain.Sire Ram VPI VA TECH Southwest & Dams SMK Sand Mountain Katahdins, Teresa McCoy, Shepherdshill Farm, Cornersville, TN. or 931-293-2198

9-30-19 For Sale – Western Ohio
Registered Ewe, Yearling Ewe, Ewe & Ram Lambs.Five Registered Katahdins for sale. Two year old proven, bred ewe, proven yearling ewe, two ewe lambs & a ram lamb. All prion/scrapie genotype RR. They have been raised grass fed only and have never been chemically dewormed. They are white, gray, or black in color. Prices from $250-$400.Rebekah Evans, Heaven’s Sunshine Acres, Rossburg, OH. (937) 338-3077 or

9-30-19 – For Sale – Central Missouri
Registered Ewe Lambs & Yearling Rams.  Several nice Feb/Mar ewe lambs available for sale.  sired by our 3 RR stud rams. They will be ready for breeding this month or into the fall. Growth rates, rate of gains and other pertinent data are available to help you make an informed choice in your purchase. Yearling RR rams -. We choose only the best out of the best each year to retain for yearling sales. Raising quality registered Katahdins since 2003 Rodney Phipps, Bent Nail Farm,  Belle, MO. (573) 263-4953 or . 2001BARNKAT@GMAIL.COM

9-30-19 – For Sale – South Central Montana
Registered Ewe Lambs.  35 March/April 2019 ewe lambs. All are registerable, twins, trips and a few quads. Big, well bred, extremely hardy, sired by excellent VJ and LLL bucks. They are out of very healthy dams, great udders, good feet. The herd thrives on a mix of dry rangeland, irrigation, and ranch raised hay. Patricia Agnew, Agnew Ranch. Big Timber, Montana. 406-932-6503. or

9-30-19 – For Sale – NE Wyoming
Registered Yearling Ewes & Ewe lambs.  25 head registered yearling ewes, all from NFR herd ewes, Sired by either ADS, LLL, or NFR Rams. 35 head of registrable ewe lambs, all from NFR herd ewes, Sired by LLL, VJ, or NFR Rams. Flock in state scrapie program, all tested codon 171 either RR or QR. All will be ready to go by Sept. 20. Lambs were born March/ April, weaned in August. Yearlings lambed in April, all have A coats most will either be twins or triplets, all tested neg. for OPP.  Ray & Loretta Norris, Norris Family Ranch (NFR), Upton WY, , (307) 468-2683 or

9-30-19 – For Sale – SE Nebraska
Registered Stock. Nemaha Hill Farms has registered stock for sale out of CMG , NH or KRK rams. Most stock RR, A, coat, twin/triplet birth. Raised on pasture, fed using rotational grazing. We are reducing our stock to get ready for retirement in the next couple of years. Small breeder packages (2) available that include a registered 2018 RR Twin Ram, and three, 2019 RR ewe lambs – $1200 pkg.. Six adult ewes, not culls, been consistently producing twin/triplets, registered – $1200 pkg. 2019 registered ewe lamb available separately for $325 each. Registered, RR 2018 breeding ram, twin, out of our top producing ewe – $450. Call Lori at 402 217 6217 or email for details/pictures Lori French, Nemaha Hill Farms, Ceresco, NE. 402 217 6217 or or

9-30-19 – For Sale – NW Arkansas
Registered. Ewe Lambs. I have 10 yearling ewe lambs for sale. Registered, born in the Spring  2019.  Beverly Chevallier, Grassfed in the Ozarks, Chevallier Ranch, Western Grove, AR. (870) 429-5299 or

9-30-19 – For Sale – SE Tennessee
Flock Dispersal. Flock Dispersal Sale in Middle Tennessee 40 mi SE of Nashville on the way to Chattanooga. Near I24.Small family flock for sale. This has been a closed flock for 3 years. These are hardy, well built, well cared for, grass fed (but bucket trained), hardy animals built to produce great meat. Most are registered and all are from registered animals. Many of these could be registered by new owner. Also available for commercial sale. These have been very parasite resistant animals. Vaccines UTD. Available is RR registered ram (who makes great babies), another RR 2 yo ram, a 2 yo QR ram, about 18-19 ewes and the lamb crop from this year. Wethers also available. We were late putting the ram in last year so our babies are from May. Laura Campbell. Stolen Moments Farm, Lacassas, TN (615) 202-6010 or

9-30-19 – For Sale – NE Indiana – SOLD
Registered RR Ram Lamb.Can send pictures upon request. He is white. $300. James Franklin. Franklin Farms, Albion IN.  (260) 229-7589  or

9-30-19 – For Sale – South-Central KY.
12 Registered RR Yearling Ewes. Ready to breed; born March 4 – May 5, 2018 from four different RR rams; Ewes mostly twin born; white and brown colors.  Flock reduction due to drought conditions.  $325.00-375.00.  Flock in SFCP since July 2003; presently in Export Certified status.  Linda Cundiff and Scotty Hedgespeth, 1380 White Rose Road, Finley, KY (10 miles from Campbellsville, KY) Phone 270 789-1421;

9-30-19 – For Sale – Central Maryland
Registered RR Ewe Lambs. April born. $400 ea., Michael Yencha, Harrogate West, Sykesvill, MD.  or 410-262-5599

9-30-19 – For Sale – Eastern Tennessee
Registered Yearling Rams. Four triplets out of RR ram who is our herd sire OW 307-Brutus, Lots of color variations light red and one dark chocolate color. They are very docile, great dispositions. They have been handled since birth not skittish or aggressive. Born Fe/Mar 2018. Please email or call if interested in purchasing can send pictures on request.Shane & Shelley Hilton, Triple B Farm, Fall Branch, TN  (423) 946-2960,

9-30-19 – For Sale – Kentucky
Registered/Commercial Ram & Ewe Lambs. 40 lambs from 2 SWAREC Elite Rams (VA SW Pasture Ram Test). March and April-born, RR, twins and triplets. Great parasite resistance, performance on pasture (pasture born and raised), good growth, some color, and dog broke. Call 502-643-5202 for Sire/Dam pedigree and NSIP data. Quality lambs at an affordable price. $300-$400 ea. Leroy Denison, Triple Creek Farms, Shelbyville, KY.

9-30-19 – For Sale – South Central Tennessee
Registered/Commercial Ram Lambs & Registered Bred Ewes. Three Rams for sale! Unassisted births from twin born ewes. Weaned and grown on grass pasture only, no grain has been given to them. These 3 were kept to register due to being fast growing with good build. Great bloodlines from all over the nation. These 3 rams are $325 registered or $275 commercial. Registered bred ewes starting at $500. Animals always available. We are in southern middle TN, next door neighbor has a Columbia TN address. Visit us on facebook at HIC Meat Sheep. 931-212-1098 Jonathan Hickerson, Hickerson Farms, Culleoka, TN, or

Wanted – Livestock Protection Animals

For Sale – Livestock Protection Animals

7-22-19 – For Sale – SE West Virginia

Anatolian/Akbash/Spanish Mastiff Cross Pups. Males & females. Born 06/12/19. Raised with lambs. They are with working parents that chase vultures. Pups vaccinated & de-wormed. Available now. $250. Will transport to KHSI Expo, Cookeville, TN, August 15-17. Paul & Debi Rodgers, AltaVista Farm: (304) 647-4883 or cell (202) 262-2420 or

6-10-19 – For Sale – West Texas
Anatolian/Great Pyrenees cross pups. 7/8ths Anatolian Shepherd – 1/8ths Pyrenees puppies born 3/19/2019. Ready to go 6/1/2019. Have been dewormed and will have second vaccinations prior to departure. Accustomed to sheep, cat, poultry, and small children. Email for pictures, including parents who are onsite. (The father is Max [full Anatolian, works sheep] and mother is Kaya [3/4 AS & 1/4 GP, used to be with sheep, retraining for poultry]). Coloring is brown (2 males), white & brown (2 males), and white (2 females). $300; discounts for multiples. Scott Perkins, Perkins Livestock, Abilene, Texas. (325)675-6572 or

6-10-19 – For Sale – SE Texas
Registered Akbash Puppies.Born: 04/27/2019.  5 Males & 3 Females, Born and raised with sheep. Can be delivered to the Midwest Stud Ram Sale in Sedalia, MO., June 26-27, 2019 or .the KHSI Expo in Cookeville, TN., August 15-17,2019.  Will be current on all shots, worming, and health papers. Howard & Susian Covington.  HSC Farm, Livingston, TX. (936) 520-2689 or

For Sale – Herding Dogs

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