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UPDATED – 3.18.19


3-04-19 – Sheep Wanted – North Carolina
Commercial Ewes & Ewe Lambs. Looking to purchase 100-150 commercial ewes of any age (yearlings to 6+ years old) by May 2019.  Brock Phillips. Carolina Lamb, Durham, NC, (984) 569-0747 ot

3-04-19 – Sheep Wanted – SE Iowa
Bred Ewes.  Looking to buy up to 100 bred ewes, 2-4 year old. Tom Delzell, Bloomfield, IA. (641) 208-6335

2-11-19 – Sheep Wanted – Alabama
Commercial/Registered Ewe Lambs.  Looking to purchase 20 Katahdin purebred ewe lambs by end of February/ March 2019. Lambs are wanted with no health issues, same body condition, Need Caceous Lymphadenitis free, Scrapie tags, and health certificate. When ewes are weaned and put on pasture, we will like to come visit the farm so that both parties are satisfied with quality and health status of animals. Nevershi Ellis, Tuskeegee Univ, Tuskegee, AL. (773) 699-5421,

2-11-19 – Sheep Wanted – SE  Missouri
Commercial/Registered Ewes & Ewe Lambs. I am looking to purchase around 20 head of commercial or registered stock (lambs yearling, 2 & 3 yr old). Call me with ages and prices. thank you. Clifford Mast, Bacon Acres, Sarcoxie, MO. (417) 548-2678,


3-18-19 – For Sale –SxSE Florida
Registered Mature Proven Ram.  2016 born ram. High quality ram from triplet lambing out of Hound River Farm. Fast growth and parasite resistant out of a pasture management system. We have never had to deworm him and only had to trim feet once since we purchased him as a lamb. We have kept all of his ewe lambs. He comes from an NSIP herd so EBVs/data are available on him upon request. He is tested codon RR. On 2/25/19 his weight was 198# and his FEC was zero. He stays in excellent body condition on pasture and hay only. $600. Please visit  for a photo. Samantha Musho, Oakvale Farm, DeLeon, FL. (239) 565-7768 or

3-04-19 – For Sale –NW Tennessee
Registered Ewes& Ewe Lambs. Have 25 registered ewe lambs for sale. Ready to go 1st of May. Jan -feb born, heavy COR bred lambs out of COR meat concept, COR Deep South Meat Maker, I have 6 lambs out of LDK LiveAaction. . Premium lambs, excelent bone, length,and width. This line will not be around much longer. Meat Maker has already passed. Great opportunity to improve your flock. Ewe lambs are $500 if you take them all I will work with you on the price. Ram has thrown some black ewes. I also have 5 registered ewes that I will be rotating out of my flock. Twinners and triplet producing ewes $350/ head. Can work a deal on breeding the ewes. You can check out my website or for a quicker picture turnaround call me at 731-571-3369. Kody Owens, O2 Farms.  Gleason, TN,

3-04-19 – Western Colorado
Flock Reduction. Due to last year’s drought and a short hay crop I am needing to reduce my herd size. I have a commercial herd of 250+ head. approx. 1/2 have lambed in Jan-Feb $300-$325 and the balance are due in April $250. would be willing to sell up to 150 head Selling yearlings 2 & 3 yr olds at $250-$300 each. Richard Blosser, North Fork Katahdins, Hotchkiss,  CO  (970) 216-2807 or

2-25-19 — For Sale – NW Missouri
Registered Proven Ram. 2 yrs old in Feb 2019, RR codon, A-coat sheds out in summer. Out of Lynn Fahrmeier’s farm. $500. White with brown & red spots, has produced for us a great crop of nice size white and multi colored lambs the last 2 yrs. Pictures, weight scores etc by email and on FaceBk or call Cheryl 816-752-0218. Cheryl Webster, CJ Katahdins, Savannah, MO.  (40miles N of Kansas City, MO)

2-25-19 – For Sale – NW Missouri
Registered & Commercial Ram & Ewe Lambs. Quality Breeding Stock out of excellent bloodlines, Good birth rates, raised on pasture, from ewes who are excellent milkers with strong maternal mothering instinct, producing fast growing lambs. Colors from white to a great of assortment of colors. Pictures, birth wts etc by e-mail or FaceBk: CJ Katahdins or give Cheryl a call 816-752-0218.  $200-$250 each. Cheryl Webster, CJ Katahdins, Savannah, MO.  (40 miles N of Kansas City, MO).

2-25-19 – For Sale – SW Idaho
Registered Proven Ram & Proven Yearling ram.   2 yr old ram and one yearling ram. These two are productive herd sires in a variety of management systems. Our flock is entirely grass-fed and these rams both performed well as lambs. Both have EBV’s for increased accuracy in genetic selection. The yearling ram is a triplet raised lamb out of a KRK sire with a LDK grandsire from Virginia. Nice balance of traits, excels in growth while maintaining maternal and parasite resistance traits and has black, low maintenance hooves with nice frame, well-muscled and exceptional hair coat. A favorite, balance herd sire in our system. The 2 year old ram was a single out a first time quad ewe who has exceptional conformation, excellent hair coat. well-muscled, black, low maintenance hooves that do not need trimming and produced very nice lambs. We are selling both of them simply because we are using fewer rams to provide larger contemporary group sizes for the National Sheep Improvement Program and EBVs.  The rams for sale trace to COR, LDK, SWP, KRK, VJ, and other great breeders’ stock. To see pictures, pedigrees, and EBV’s visit our website at .Caleb Pirc, Good Shepherd Farm, Meridian, ID.  206-996-9987 or

2-11-19 – For Sale – North Carolina
Commercial Hair Ewe Lambs. Katahdin x Blk Dorper crosss. Available Jul & August. Dennis Karriker, 857-2718

2-11-19 – For Sale – Central Kentucky
Registered Mature Proven Ram. PCH 6489. 2016 Born. Centralia Great Grandson with long back and big. $500 or obo. Willis Yoder, Spring Creek Katahdins, Munfordville, KY. 270-524-3603

2-04-19 -For Sale – Southern Ohio
Exposed Commercial Ewe Lambs.These 150 commercial ewe lambs have been exposed for May 1 lambing. All stock is born and raised on grass. Minimum purchase is lots of at least 25 ewe lambs. James Orr, Greenfield, OH. (937) 981-7666,

2-04-19 – For Sale – SE Missouri -SOLD
Registered Ewes & Registered Ewe & Ram Lambs. Registered Ewes 2-4 yrs. $300 each. 2018 crop of around 20 Registered Ewe Lambs born between Jan-Mar $200 each. 5 2018 Registered Ram Lambs born between Jan-Mar $200. Excellent shedding. I’ll make a deal depending on how many you take. All raised on mothers milk and pasture. Any questions call Alex at 573-631-3321. Alex Redecker, Redecker Ranch. Farmington, MO. or:

2-4-19 – For Sale – Central Texas
Commercial Flock Dispersal.  These ewes (yearlings to 4 plus) have been selected for easy lambing, parasite resistance, and high-quality meat production. Seventy-seven ewes available, ranging from $300 (exposed) to $350 (with lambs at their side). We also have several yearling rams, kept back from processing as breeding candidates, for $350 each. Also a registered ram, 3 years old, for $700. Prices are negotiable for groups of 10 or more. Michale McGeary, McGeary Ranch, Cameron Texas. (512) 633-2624

2-4-19 – For Sale – South Central Kentucky
Registered Yearling Ewes. 15 purebred yearling ewes born March to April 2018; daughters of 5 RR rams and productive ewes.  Twins and triplets; prices $300.00 to $350.00 until February 28, 2019.  In SFCP since July 2003; presently in Export Certified category.  Linda Cundiff and Scotty Hedgespeth, Hedgespeth Farms, 1380 White Rose Road, Finley, KY  42718 (10 miles from Campbellsville, KY); phone 270 789-1421;

1-21-19 – For Sale – SW Missouri
Kat x Dor Cross Ewe Lambs. Exposed. 90 commercial Kahtadin/Dorper cross lambs born in March & April 2018 have been exposed to registered Katahdin rams.  Due to start lambing first week of April. These lambs have been born & raised in a pasture-based operation. Located in south west Missouri, take all of them for $225 each, smaller lots will be priced at $250 with a minimum purchase of 20 lambs. Samuel Stolfuz, Dunnegan, MO., (417) 599-8821

1-21-19 – For Sale – North Central Arkansas – SOLD
Registered Fall Lambing Flock. North Central Arkansas, 70 registered open ewes from my fall lambing flock.  Phase 2 of my dispersal is now available and can be shipped starting the end of January. Fall lambing ewe flock, 2 to 6 years old. Ewes will begin to have their current lambs weaned at the end of January and can be shipped after that. Photos and video available on Face Book Enchantment Ranch, Arkansas. Ann Evans 870-656 108 0(ph or text) for inquiries.  All my spring bred ewes and spring bred ewe lambs have sold. Thank you to all who inquired and especially to those who purchased and will continue breeding my sheep

1-21-19 – For Sale – Central Pennsylvania
Registered Exposed Ewe lambs. Seven May-June born registerable Katahdin ewe lambs. Exposed to ram (may or may not be pregnant). All sired by RR ram. $300 with papers, $250 without papers. Please email any questions. Caroline McMillen, Olde McMillen Homestaed. Loysville, PA. (717) 582-6942 or

1-21-19 0 For Sale – SE South Carolina
Registered Yearling & Fall Born Ram Lambs. Sept born fall rams. $350-$500.. Tom & Audrey Myers. My My Myers Farm. Loris SC. (660) 238-1327, (660) 238-0581,

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