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UPDATED –7/11/20


6/9/2020 – Sheep Wanted – Northeast Tennessee

Registered Katahdin NSIP Ram. Round House Farm is actively looking for a Registered 100% Katahdin Ram. Prefer Codon RR. Must be from a flock that actively reports to NSIP. Structurally sound, No Horns or Scurs, and Conformationally appealing. Here are the EBV’s that would be optimal for us.
BWT <0.5
MWWT 0.5 to 1.0 maybe a little higher if we really like the individual.
WWT ~ 2.0
PWWT ~ 3.0
WFEC and PFEC below -75 if possible I know that some do not collect this so it is not a deal breaker.
NLB -5 to 15 Prefer No High Teens or 20’s.
NLW = the higher the better.
Index is not a major factor for us at this time as we are focusing on Maternal traits and NLW first. We are primarily a pasture based environment, so prefer not to have a lot of Triplets.

Round House Farm – Speedwell, TN  (423) 441-0295


5/29/2020 – Sheep Wanted – Central Minnesota

Katahdin or Katahdin cross ewes. Looking to buy 8-10 Katahdin or Katahdin cross ewes (yearlings-two year olds preferred, lambs considered!) 100% grass-fed and high parasite resistance are top priority. Ideally within three hours of Spring Grove.  Radicle Heart Farm  – Spring Grove, MN (612) 600-2641


5/22/2020 – Sheep Wanted – Northeast Texas

Registered Katahdin Ewes. My son is looking to buy 4 to 5 registered ewes to begin a flock of his own as a 4-H project. NE TX SW AR or SE OK preferably.  Triplett Farms – DeKalb, Texas  (903) 748-2343


5/20/2020 – Sheep Wanted – North Central Alabama 

Registered Katahdin Lambs or Yearlings. I am looking to purchase 5 ewe lambs and a 1 ram lamb. Full-blooded Registered preferred!! TNW Sheep Farms – Cullman, Alabama    (256) 615-9434


5-15-2020 – Sheep Wanted – Western Tennessee

Katahdin Yearling Ewes. Looking to buy 25 yearling Katahdin ewes ready to breed now. Call Bobby @ 731-676-5849 or text Melanie @ 931-299-0498


5-11-2020 – Sheep Wanted – Central North Dakota

Registered Katahdin ram lamb or yearling. I am looking to purchase a registered Katahdin ram lamb or yearling. Preferably a twin or triplet. I’m looking for a ram from a good/known bloodline. Ruthie Playle – Beulah, North Dakota  (701) 870-4388



7-11-2020 – For Sale – Southwest Wisconsin

Major Katahdin Flock Reduction. Major flock reduction due to retirement. Weaned 2020 ewe lambs, May-born pairs with many outstanding ram prospects. All can be registered or recorded. A closed flock since its inception in 1992. Selection has been based on maternal ability, self-sufficiency, and serious parasite resistance in an extensively managed, grass-based system. Prices dependent on group sizes. Email: Bonus Angus Farm (608) 348-3284


7-8-2020 – For Sale – Northeast Texas

2 year old registered Katahdin ram. Born 02/2018. Tested free of OPP, CL and Johne’s disease in January 2020. RR at Codon 171. Delivery may be available for an extra fee depending on location. Papers and photos available for review upon request. $500.00 Dautobi Acres – Celeste, TX (903) 453-5343


7-5-2020 – For Sale – Northeast Tennessee

Registered Katahdin Ram Lambs from NSIP flock. 48 Registered Ram Lambs from an NSIP flock that tests for Codon, OPP, CL, and Johne’s. Our flock has a working BioSecurity protocol in place. We keep detailed records pertaining to health and vaccinations on every animal in our flock. Weights are done regularly to comply with NSIP requirements. All Ram Lambs offered as breeding stock are chosen from the Top 10-15% of lambs born. They have been Codon Tested and the Lab Certification is included in the information packet we provide. Their dams are ranked by FarmWorks and we systematically cull the bottom 10-12% based on performance. We joined NSIP in December 2019 to have an additional tool in tracking performance and evaluating our breeding stock. The Ram Lambs in this group were born starting December 25th thru February 14th. We are a forage/pasture with minimal grain added management program. These lambs were not creep fed. They are currently on pasture and 13% protein grain ration daily at 1.25-1.50 lbs per day per head. Prices vary from $360.00 – $700.00 depending upon genetics and performance. We pay the Registration and Transfer fees. Check out Round House Farm for your next herd sire. E-Mail: Phone: 606-269-6114 or 423-441-0295


7-1-2020 – For Sale – Central Georgia

Registerable Katahdin Ewe Lambs. Registerable, purebred Katahdin EWE lambs, twin born March 2020 from wonderful breeding stock originally purchased from Warm Springs Katahdins, exhibiting excellent parasite resistance, some solid browns from solid brown sire, average 60 day weaning weight 55 lbs, please see our website for pics of our flock, email for current pics of lambs, delivery available, 678-877-9860. $350  SunRidge Farms – Molena, Georgia


6-29-2020 – For Sale – Southeast Indiana

Registered 2 year old Katathdin Ram. Large White RR Ram for sale. Born 3/3/2018. Purchased from Dyer Family Katahdins, Christney, IN. He is a proven breeder siring excellent quality lambs, mostly twins and triplets. He is very big and growthy with tremendous balance. He is sired by a Shultz ram out of Centralia. There is a lot of pedigree here. I’m offering him for sale because I have enough offspring out of him. $500. Flat Rock Katahdins  –  Flat Rock, IN. (812) 374-7107


6-25-2020 – For Sale – Central Missouri

Registered 2 year old Katahdin Ram. Registered (100%), mature breeding ram. Born 9/10/2018. Dun color & produces all colors. Proven twin producer. Excellent health & condition. Missouri state veterinary health certification available with purchase if requested/required. Must sell ASAP. Price negotiable, cash only. Call or text (573)230-7308


6-23-2020 – For Sale – Eastern Pennsylvania

Registered Katahdin ram lambs. Registered Katahdin ram lambs for sale! Sire is in top 1% of the breed for post weaning weight gain and in the top 5% for weaning weight. Pick yours now! Born end of February, beginning of March 2020. Pictures available. Stock from BaaLands and LCR Katahdins! Cedar Valley Farms – Manheim, PA  (717) 368-9127


6-21-2020 – For Sale – Western Ohio

Registered Katahdin lambs.  6 Katahdin Ewe lambs born March 1st to l4th, 2020. $250 each. 1 Kathadin Ram lamb born March 5th, 2020. $300.
Also, twin lambs born May 14, 2020. l Ewe and 1 Ram. Available after July 1st. All can be registered. Jim Wetzel, Arcanum, OH 479-301-7184


6-18-2020 – For Sale – North Texas

Registered Katahdin Lambs. Excellent parasite resistant bloodlines from USDA-ARS Booneville and Hound River. March born. Most RR. Performance EBVs from NSIP. Adjusted 60-day weights to 74 pounds on grass/hay only.  Judy Sheridan , Blluestem Farm, Weatherford, TX. 817-584-4355,,


6-16-2020 – For Sale – Northwest Illinois

Registered Katahdin lambs.  Katahdin ram and ewe lambs. They were born the end of March and can be registered. Call for pricing. Boelkens Farm –  Lanark, Illinois. (815) 622-8658


6-10-2020 – For Sale – Western Ohio

Registerable Katahdin Ram lambs. I have two Registerable Katahdin Ram lambs for sale. They were born in January, currently 65+lbs. Grass fed only sheep operation, we have never needed to chemically deworm. They are tame and handled daily. Sire is scrapie genotype RR. They are black in color. Price is $325 each or both for $600. Heaven’s Sunshine Acres  – Rossburg, Ohio  (937) 569-8895


6-8-2020 – For Sale – Southern Louisiana

Registered Katahdins. Raised to show for 4-H or as a new addition to your breeding program.
Ram lambs- $500
Ewe lambs-$340-400
Yearling ewes-$500-550. Produced twins
Two year old ewe- $550. Reserve Champion overall at state livestock                                                                show. Produced twins

K and H Farms – (337) 400-0520


6-4-20 – For Sale – Central Maryland

Registered Ram. Registered & Recorded Ewes. Registered Ewe Lambs.  Yearling ram, 5 registered and recorded yearling and 2 yr old ewes, 4 registered ewe lambs.. Katherine Neilson, Justifiable Acres Ranch. Lisbon, MD. 410-489-5123 or 301-676-2179.


6-4-20 – For Sale – Pennsylvania

Commercial Ewe Lambs.  25 head, May born.  Raised on pasture for commercial production. Raymond Stoltzfus, LA Kathadins, Allentown, PA. (570) 547-1457


6/3/2020 – For Sale – S. Central Montana

Registered Katahdin Ram & Ewe Lambs. Yearling Ewes. Registerable March 2020 Lambs. Have both ewe lambs & ram lambs.  Many of our lambs out of VJ dams. Also, decreasing flock size and selling VJ yearlings to spend more time with cattle this summer. These are excellent ewes that lambed at a year of age and not being sold for function. Have a registered TRB buck by Amtrac. Yes Our stock includes both colored and white, Big-frame, Classic conformation, range raised, hardy, parasite resistant. With papers or W/O. Patricia Agnew, Agnew Ranch Big Timber, MT. 406-932-6503 or


6/3/2020 – For Sale –  Northeast Indiana 

Registered Katahdin Ram Lambs.  We have five nice breeding ram lambs that were born in April and will be ready mid June. Both parents are scrapie genotype RR. They are handled daily, fast growing and healthy. I would be happy to send you pictures of ram lambs, parents or registration papers. They are $300 each. Franklin Farm Katahdins – Albion, Indiana  (260) 229-7589


6/1/2020 – For Sale – Eastern Tennessee

For sale registered Katahdin lambs. We have 47 Registered RR ewe lambs and ram lambs for sale. Born in Feb and March. Twins and triplets, We have great colors in our flock such as brown, red, white, black and spotted. good weight and growth. Good dispositions. These were sired by our Registered RR ram purchased at Virginia Tech Ram Sale. $300. Triple B Farm – Fall Branch, Tennessee (423) 946-2960


5/31/2020 – For Sale – Southwest Texas

Katahdins for sale. We have 200 beautiful Katahdin sheep for sale . We have Lambs , ewes and rams for sale. $210. They are very healthy and well taken care of. # +1 (469) 393-3623.  Farm Animal Supply  – Harris, Texas


5/31/2020 – For Sale – Southern Minnesota

Katahdins for sale. March and April Purebred Katahdin ewe and Ram lambs. $300 & up depending on quality. Top genetics from John Stormquist’s White Post Farm, Dosch, Pionto Ranch, and KRK. We have high quality, high health genetics both white and colored. We have a closed herd and are on the Pipestone herd health program. Also selling our select ewe flock (12 ewes and 2 rams). Time to slow down. These are the result of 10 years of trial and error, a number of purchases (some good & some not so good). We have culled hard and kept only the best. If you like BIG volume Katahdins with more growth and muscle these may work for you. Please call or text 507-451-2722. Thanks for your interest.  Straight River Lambing Company – Faribault, MN


5/26/2020 – For Sale – Central Wisconsin 

Katahdin Ram & Ewe Lambs. 19 Katahdin ewe lambs total. 4 can be reg. @ 100% 3 are twins and 1 single price $165.00 each. 4 can be reg. @ 87.5% 3 are twins and 1 single price $145.00 each. 11 can be reg. @ 75%, 7 are triplets and 4 are twins price $125.00 each. Also 5 ram lambs cab be reg. @ 100% $200.00 each. All are very nice, various colors, have been vaccinated. Ram is RR. My sheep all have very good dispositions, easy to catch, and moms are excellent mothers. All born in March 2020 , and will be ready to go in July. Call 920-420-1775 Berlin, WI.


5/22/2020 – For Sale – Eastern Nebraska

Katahdin Yearling Rams. Four rams for sale, $250 individually and a discount for more than one purchase. All are registerable. Up to date with vaccines, no genetic disposition, excellent parasite resistance and outstanding lineage. 3 of the rams were born March 2019 and are available now. The other I used for this years lamb crop and his offspring can be examined for buyers. He can be sold in November. References available. Call Sharon at 402-910-5587 or Text Josh at 402-910-3142


5/17/2020 – For Sale – Northeast Georgia

Katahdin Ram Lambs. Seven April born 2020 Ram Lambs. Sire 100% RR Pure Katahdin breed. Registration papers available upon request. $300 registered. Average 30 day weight gain 33.3 lbs on pasture. These are beautiful White Katahdin Ram Lambs that will make good genetic breeders. Available for pickup late July. Clover Hill Farm – Monroe, GA. (404) 593-8720


5/13/2020 – For Sale – Northwest New Jersey

Katahdins For Sale. Four sheep for sale, $150 each. Selling one 2017 ewe with her twin female lambs born 4/1/20 as well as a 2019 breeding ram. All are registered/registerable. From small, closed flock that has been selected for low maintenance. Ewe has produced twins or triplets each year. Ram has gentle disposition and excellent parasite resistance. Black Brook Farm – Layton, NJ.  (973) 670-6077


5/12/2020 – For Sale – Northeast Pennsylvania

Registered Katahdin Lambs. Katahdin registered Lambs. Genetically tested for RR factor, (for Scrapie Free program). Katahdin is a meat, hair sheep, no shearing needed. All Lambs are healthy, no hoof rot ever. Ready to go soon.. (approx 15 June)
Unregistered Ram Lambs $150.00
Registered Ram Lambs $250.00
RR Registered Ram Lambs $350.00
Unregistered Ewe Lambs $250.00
Registered Ewe Lambs $300.00
RR Registered Ewe Lambs $350.00
6 or More = 10% discount
Serious inquiries only. Located in Dushore Pa., 18614. Check our Website, and FB and Pinterest at (Highland Farm).  (570) 363-2157


5/11/2020 – For Sale – South Central Kentucky 

Open purebred RR yearling ewes. Fifteen open purebred RR yearling ewes available for fall lambing. Daughters of four different RR rams and productive ewes.   Mostly twin born from March 4 to May 12, 2019.  Priced from $350.00 to $400.00 depending on age and size. All from a closed flock; in SFCP since July 2003 and presently in Export Certified category.  Linda Cundiff & Scotty Hedgespeth, Hedgespeth Farms, 1380 White Rose Road, Finley, KY. 42718 (10 miles from Campbellsville, KY) phone 270. 789-1421; email


Wanted – Livestock Protection Animals

For Sale – Livestock Protection Animals

5-27-2020 – For Sale – NW Oregon

Great Pyrenees puppies. AKC Great Pyrenees puppies
Ready at the beginning of August. Each puppy will come with:
-AKC registration
-2 vaccinations
-2 wormings
-They’ll see the vet 2 times
-Their dewclaws have been removed
-They’ll be microchipped
-They’ll be professionally groomed
Puppies will be brought up with sheep, chickens, cats, other dogs and lots of kids. $1,200 each with a $200 deposit. Lapp Family Farm  – Molalla, Oregon    (503) 310-5864

For Sale – Herding Dogs

Katahdin Hair Sheep International   |   PO Box 739, Fowlerville, MI 48836  |  Phone: (717) 335-8280