2019 KHSI Photo Contest Results

Action Division

First Place – Escaped to Soybean Field

Beth Foster

2nd place: Karen Kenagy

3rd place: Sophia Pardon


Best Promotion – Katahdin Rams

First Place: Our Katahdin ram enjoying the snow

Samantha Wolfe

2nd place: Samantha Wolfe

3rd place: Bobby Grider


Best Promotion- Katahdin Ewes

First Place – Ewe with triplets

Jessica Bursenos

2nd place: Jonathan Hickerson

3rd place: Beth Foster


Just for Youth

First Place – Picture Perfect

Rebekah Evans

2nd place: Rebekah Evans

3rd place: Remington Curry


Katahdin Meat

First Place – 3 yr old Katahdin ewe, mild and tasty, boneless chops

Karen Kenagy

2nd place: Lynn Rocha

3rd place: Lynn Rocha


Kids and Sheep

First Place – Two Boys and a Ram

Huff Farms

2nd place: Amy Tavalin

3rd place: Riley Carothers


Open Category

First Place – Timmy

Huff Farms

2nd place: Rhonda Kelmer

3rd place: Becky Shultz



First Place – Katahdin sheep grazing late summer pasture.

Brenda Kettlewell

2nd place: Bill Sparrow

3rd place: Mandy Fletcher


Sheep Chores

First Place – Grain in the trough

Jonathan Hickerson

2nd place: Sophia Pardon

3rd place: Sophia Pardon





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