2020 KHSI-Katahdin Renewal Invoice & Update Forms

2020 KHSI Address & Website Listing Update Form


Please update us on your preference for receiving mail from KHSI. You can help us save funds. Thanks! Send this to KHSI Registry, Box 231, Wamego, KS 66547.


How do you want to receive Hairald/Newsletter and KHSI mailings?

Mark only one of the following:

  1. ___ All mailings & Hairald by regular mail.
  2. ___ Hairald by mail, other mailings by email.
  3. ___ Hairald by both regular mail and email.  Other mailings by email. (electronic filing of the Hairald on your hard drive can be a fast way to retrieve and find specific articles).



____ NO CHANGES in our listing. Address, phones (area codes), email have not changed. If no changes do not fill out Section II.  Just fill in name, city and state on the next two lines and send back this form with your check to KHSI Operations, and Thank You!



City _________________

Province/State _____________________Zip/Postal Code  ______

Owner/Member #  (if you know it)                                 ______



SECTION II: IF YOUR CONTACT INFO HAS CHANGED (check here)      ____ YES, my listing has changed.

FILL IN ONLY THE BLANKS BELOW THAT HAVE CHANGED. WE WILL KEEP ALL OTHER INFO THE SAME, SO JUST WRITE IN THE SPECIFIC CHANGES. THANKS. NOTE: List only the phone number(s) that you want people to call for info about your sheep.


Name:    _______________________________________________


Address: ______________________________________________


City, State/Province, Zip____________________________

Country _______


Farm/Ranch Name ____________________________


Phone _____________________

2nd Phone _______________________


email address _________________________________


website ____________________________________

Owner/Member #  (if you know it)          ______




Sheep for Sale:


Class of Sheep for Sale.  Check all types of sheep that your farm plans to have for sale in 202

____ Registered Katahdins                       

____ Commercial Katahdins                     

____ Ram Lambs

____ Yearling Rams

____ Ewe Lambs                                                 

____ Yearling Ewes


Month(s) that Flock Lambs (list all the months in which lambs are born on the line below):




2020 KHSI Address & Website Listing Update – pg 2


Aseasonal Lambing/Breeding.  To be listed, you must be managing for aseasonal lambing (not just have the ram in the whole year). Aseasonal means ewes that consistently lamb between August 1 and November 15.  Check below if your flock meets these criteria.


_____ Aseasonal lambing (more than 20 aseasonal ewes lambing between Aug 1 & Nov 15)


_____ Aseasonal lambing (5-19 aseasonal ewes lambing between Aug 1 & Nov 15)


(NOTE: Check one of the above, ONLY if your ewes lamb between August 1 and November 15).




Semen/Embryo Transplant.  Please check any of the following that are currently available for sale from your farm/ranch.  Do not check either of these if they are not in stock now.

___ Frozen semen for sale.                          ___ Frozen embryos for sale.




Export ____  – Please check here ONLY IF you are willing to do some of the following that are typically required for export: pay for the $100-$500 of special Veterinary fees, quarantines, have frozen semen, frozen embryos and/or enrolled in a 7 year Scrapie Program with mandatory necropsy of 15 (+) month old dead/culled animals.

Note:  There are some countries that have import protocols with fewer restrictions and a breeder may be able to export by meeting some of the criteria listed.


___ No other changes in my listing.



Scrapie/Health/Performance Program Listing

Note:  If your health and scrapie program information has not changed, please skip the following section. Note that 25% of the KHSI flocks had their Scrapie program change in 2013. Those in the Mandatory Scrapie Eradication Program saw no changes.


___ My health and scrapie listing have changed.  Please make the changes I have listed below.



Abbreviations: SFCP-Select = enrolled in Scrapie Flock Certification Program select category. SFCP-EXP = enrolled in the Export Monitored category of SFCP. SFCP-Canada, WCFHP = Western Canadian Flock Health Program. OFFS = On Farm Food Safety program in Canada.  EU-Certified = Certified for export to European Union (available in Canada 2009).


Month/year: fill in month and year enrolled in WCFHP or SFCP.  For USA Producers, indicate SFCP only if you are enrolled in the Voluntary Scrapie Flock Certification Program and not if your flock is enrolled in a state mandatory scrapie program.  If you are not sure, check with your state USDA-APHIS office or your State Animal Health office to see if you are in SFCP or a state mandatory program. If you do not know whether your flock is enrolled in the USA Scrapie Flock Certification Program (voluntary SFCP) you are most likely in the Mandatory Scrapie Eradication Program.



SCRAPIE/HEALTH/PERFORMANCE PROGRAMS – If your programs have changed, circle those that your flock is currently enrolled in.

  1. a) Mandatory Scrapie Eradication Program b) SFCP-Select c) SFCP-Export d) WCFHP
  2. e) SFCP-Canada f) OFFS f) EU-Certified


If relevant, list month/year of flock status for flocks enrolled in SFCP or other health program   ________/_______

List Other Health Program(s) not listed above  ______________________________


Circle the Performance Evaluation Program that your flock is enrolled in.      NSIP      GenOvis


Other performance evaluation program ______________

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