Register Sheep

KHSI’s Contract Registrar:

accuRegister (this link leads you to the Registrar’s website)
1039 State Route 168
Darlington, PA 16115
724-843-2084 (Registrar office)
Contact: John Savage, owner

Note that accuRegister is open 9-4, EST, Monday-Friday  (closed on holidays). West Coast customers should take this into account when calling/emailing, that they are three hours ahead of PST/PDT. Customers who contact accuRegister after hours or on weekends can expect a response the next working day.

We have four methods to register your Katahdin sheep:

  1. Web-Based Animal Registration Form
    This is an online form at the accuRegister website that allows you to submit your Katahdin registrations via the Internet. Individuals using the online form submit their fees through PayPal on the KHSI website here (note: PayPal accepts standard credit cards). Upon submitting, you will be directed to the payment page. Print off a copy of both the registration form and payment for your records. There is a 5% service charge for using PayPal (or your credit card, via PayPal) that covers PayPal charges to KHSI.
  2. KHSI_Work_Order_Fees_Registration_&_Instructions (pdf print version):
    Download the PDF file and save to your hard drive so that you always have a copy. Then print the PDF file as needed. Fill out with pen and/or pencil. (You will need Adobe Reader® software or another PDF reader. It is free to download, if you do not have a copy on your computer). Pay by check or via PayPal on the KHSI site.
  3. Animal Registration Form Fill-out Form (pdf fill-out electronically):
    Download the PDF file and save to your hard drive. Fill it out electronically in the Adobe Reader®. Then, you can save a copy of the filled-out file for later use, to save time when using the form in the future. Print the file and mail to the Registry address listed below. Or email the saved PDF to the registry: Pay by check or via PayPal on the KHSI site.
  4. Animal Registration Form in Microsoft Excel
    Download the file and save it to your hard drive. Fill it out, and email it to: Pay by check or via PayPal on the KHSI site.

If you are not sure how much you owe for a registration order, refer to the Work Order form for prices. If you are still unsure, you can contact the Registrar (contact info above) to ask for help in tallying your order; but do allow one business day after they receive your work order for this to occur.

NOTE: There are several time-saving tips that apply to both options #3 and #4.

  • a) Save a copy of the filled-out form for your records on your hard drive or in your cloud backup system.
  • b) Save time when registering sheep by opening a previous Registration Application Form and change all pertinent information. Such as: 1) the date, 2) the transaction #s on the Work Order page, 3) the new animals and their correct information being registered or transferred. DOUBLE CHECK YOUR WORK BEFORE SENDING!

If you experience problems with registrations, or other issues with the registry, here’s how to escalate:

  1. First try calling and/or emailing the Registrar’s office, using the contact information above, to see if you can get your issue resolved.
  2. If you do not find resolution within 24 hours, or have feedback on registrar staff interactions, contact John Savage (owner) directly via his cell phone: (724) 513-7516
  3. If you do not find resolution within another 24 hours, or have feedback on registrar staff/owner interactions, escalate to the KHSI board or Operations. You can contact any board member, or KHSI Operations, but Michelle Canfield is the Registry Liaison.

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