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General Payment Info:

  • You cannot mix membership transactions with registry transactions in your PayPal cart, because they are set up to notify different recipients. If you have both membership and registry business to do, take care of one, pay; then start the other. You can, however, handle multiple registry line-items at once, or multiple membership line-items at once.
  • The fees below are 5% higher than transaction paid by check or money order mailed to KHSI offices. This 5% fee is to offset the charges KHSI pays accepting on line payments through PayPal. For your convenience you can use credit cards to make payments through Paypal for your registrations, transfers, and memberships, and Breeder Pages.

Membership Payment Info:

  • Note – There is no separate family membership category. The voting membership category allows registering of sheep in the name of the individual member, business/corporate/partnership/family member or allows families and partnerships to register sheep in the name of individual members of the family or partnership.
  • Youth Memberships are Free!

Registration Payment Info:

  • Transfer fee applies when Owner on application for registration is other than Flock of Origin.
  • Reclassification: For sheep previously recorded or registered that are having hair coat type added.
  • Reissue: Lost or destroyed certificates, corrections, submission error.
Registry Transactions (notification goes to Registrar’s Office):

US Member Registration Fees

US Non-Member Registration Fees

Canadian Member Registration Fees

Canadian Non-Member Registration Fees

Membership Transactions (notification goes to KHSI Operations):

US Membership Fees

Canadian Membership Fees

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