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UPDATED – 4.23.18


4-9-18 – SE Kansas
Registered/Commercial Ewes & Ewe Lambs.  I am in search of ewes from the age of 5 months – 3 years old. Contact me if you have some available for sale. Willing to travel 3 hours or willing to meet to buy sheep! Please let me know what you have available!! Thank you! Email, call or text! Stormy Lay, Dennis, KS. 620-778-3309,

2-5-18 – Sheep Wanted – New Jersey
Commercial/Registered Ewes – Looking for 40-50 (1 to 5 years old) no culls, reasonable price, reasonable distance. Julie Bishop 856-506-4012


4-23-18 – For Sale – S x SW Missouri
Registered Lambs.  March born out of BC (Coplen/Birch Cove), BAG (Young/Buckeye Acres) & KRK (Knnagy) sires on CMG (Ginapp) and BUL (Bull/Red Barn) ewes. Forage operation using grain during last month of gestation and lactation. Lambs have been on pasture with dams for a month. 20 head of ewe lambs and a few select rams for sale. Will have EBVs on lambs and sires by June.  Stuart Zimmerman, Zimmerman Farms, Tunas MO. 417-429-9541

4-23-18 – For Sale – Tennessee
Registered RR Ram Lambs. Out of RR parents, born Mid-Jan to 1st week Feb. Raised on hay, grain and peasture. Weaned and ready. Jim & Martha, Sirko, The Shepherds Pasture, White Pine, TN 423-307-4697 or

4-23-18 – For Sale – NE Wisconsin
Registered Ram Lambs & Proven Ram.  3 yr old registered ram & 2 registerable ram lambs, one fall born Oct 2017, one born Mar 2018. Our sheep are raised in a grass-based, intensive rotational grazing system. They are moved to fresh grass daily, no re-grazing less than 90 days. Parasite control using FAMACHA scoring and fecal samples. Our emphasis is grass-fed meat. Greg Rebman, Twin Cottonwoods Farm, Ocolo, WI. 920-604-2656k or

4-09-18 – For Sale –  Central Wisconsin
Registered Ram Lambs. Registered & Recorded Ewe Lambs. 9 ewe lambs reg. @ 100%, $160 ea. 2 ewe lambs recorded at 87.5%, $130 each, and 7 ewe lambs recorded. @ 75% $ 115 each. 8 ram lambs reg. @ 100% $175 each. Ram of all lambs is RR. Various colors. All lambs born this March and will be weaned this June. 2 ewe lambs are from triplets and 1 ewe lamb is a single. All others including ram lambs are twins. Holly Hilke @ 920-361- 4887 please leave message if no answer. Berlin, WI.

4-09-18 – For Sale – Southern Indiana
Commercial Yearling Rams.   Born April 2017. These rams are from registered Katahdin rams and purebred Katahdin ewes. I keep back a select hand full of rams from our 100 plus lamb crop, that show good muscling and growth, to sell as breeders. We have been raising Katahdin sheep here on Rocky Meadow Farm since 2009. I stress parasite resistance and its extremely rare that I have to treat a sore or infected hoof. Three available. Email, call or text. Pictures available. Joyn Hayse, Rocky Meadow Farm, New Salisbury, IN. 812-734-4447

4-09-18 – For Sale – Southern/Middle Tennessee
Registered Lambs, Yearlings & 2 Yr Olds.  Several nice registered ewes and rams for sale: January-February 2018 lambs, yearlings, and two-year-olds. Gene tested QR or RR at codon 171. Flock is health tested annually. Large, wide frames, good muscling& and excellent performance on pasture. Prices range from $300 for recorded ewes to $500 for registered stock. Delivery available. Website has lots of info and pictures at Ellen Gray, Autumn Earth Acres, Lawrenceburg, TN,772-940-1330. ,

4-09-18 – For Sale – SW Alabama
Commercial Ram Lambs & Registered RR Yearling Ram.  Commercial Katahdin ram lambs born Feb/Mar 2018. Also have a few crossbred Katahdin/blackhead Dorper ram lambs. One Registered RR Katahdin ram born Feb 2017 for sale $400. Ram lambs $200 per head. The best way to reach me is by phone. 205-301-0220. Tonya Johnson, Tonya;s Sheep Station, Pennington, AL

4-09-18 – Southern Indiana
Registered Ewe Lambs & Mature Registered Ewes & Mature Registered Ram. 17-5 yr old ewes & 3 yr old ram. Excellent Stock, Quality Breeders, Ewes have twins & triplets. Fantastic ram with quality bloodline asking $3750 for the 17 ewes and ram.  Also 13 ewe lambs $250 each. )Please call/email for pics & details. Lori Howaard, Hundred Acres Wood Farm, Caanan, IN. 812-839-3639 or

4-02-18 – For Sale – NW Missouri
Registerable & Recordable Ram & Ewe Lambs. 4 ram lambs & 1 ewe lamb are registerable, parents are RR and have A coats, recordable are 2 -rams lambs at 75%, and 3 ewe lambs at 87.5% parents are RR/QR with A coats. All born January/February from dams with good motherly instinct raising twins & triplets on their own. All sire by our top ram out of Fah farm. All lambs have excellent birth wts, weight gains and 60 wts. Good parasite resistant genetics. Pictures and weights upon request. Registerable lambs $300. Recordable $185. 40 miles north of Kansas City, Mo. Cheryl Webster cell: 707-592-5465 e-mail:

4-02-18 – For Sale – North Carolina
Commercial Yearling Ewes.  Kat x Dorp – at leat ¾ Katahdin. Grazing based operation. Dennis Karriker Mooresville, NC. Phone only. 704-857-3718.

4-02-18 – For Sale – Ohio
Commercial Yearlings & Lambs.  Sired by Registered RR bucks and full blood ewes. Starting at $250 Joe Beiter . Countryside Katahdins. Pleasantville, OH. 740-503-7558,

4-02-18 – For Sale – SW Missouri
Registered Triplet Ram Lambs.  On pasture. Reserve now for April sale. Clifford Mast, Bacon Acres, Sarcoxie MO. 417-548-2678

4-02-18 – For Sale – Northern Florida
Registered Lambs. Feb born lambs, 1 ram & 2 ewes, all twins, good bone and backs. Codon 171 all RR on an OPP neg tested farm. Herd sire is 1 year old and weighs 193#. Herd based on good conformation and good muscling; all are registered. Lambs available in May. Diane Warfield. Santa Fe BRE Farm. High Springs, FL. (352) 278-1168,

4-02-18 – For Sale – SE Nebraska
Registered Ram & Ewe Lambs Born early February through Mid-March. Twin/Triplet, A Coat, Most RR. Four different sires – CMG, TMD and NH rams. Forage based farm. SFCP since 2005. See our website or visit us on Facebook at Nemaha Hill Katahdins. Lori French, Ceresco, NE. Starter flocks currently available. Call or email for information. 402 217 6217 or ,

3-27-18 – For Sale – Central Maryland
Registered RR Lambs & Yearling Ewe.  RR triplet lambs born Feb 2018. 3 ewe lambs & 3 ram lambs. White, brown, and solid black. More due in April. Registered RR Yearling ewe also available. Pictures available upon request. Michael Yencha, Harrogate West, Sykesville, MD 410-262-5599, .

3-13-18 – For Sale – NE Wisconsin
Registered Ram Lambs.  Three 10 months old; ready for fall breeding. Parents are RR. Up to date on vaccinations. Very friendly & easily handled. Will send registration certificate information and pictures upon request. Pete & Cindy Fannin, Noord Branche Farm, Caroline, WI, 920-422-2500 or

3-13-18 – For Sale – Southern Montana
Registered Bred/Exposed Yearling Ewes.  30 big, quiet, extremely well bred yearlings. Old Man, Sampson, Goliath. Due to lamb May 1. Older ewes available. Patricia Agnew, Agnew Ranch, Big Timber, MT. 406-932-6503.

3-13-18 – For Sale – Eastern Tennessee – SOLD
Registered RR Rams.  2 nice, big and thick, meaty yearlings – PKF 145 and PKF 159. 1 nice, meaty, thick and proven adult ram – HSK1407 “Obvious Choice”. This ram is Stromquist and BGK genetics. Please contact Jody at Hidden Springs Katahdins. 865-742-9702 (call or text) or  for pics or more info. Jody Winstead, Hidden Springs Katahdins, Powder Springs, TN.  These are ready to go to work at your farm today. Serious inquires only. Potential delivery available.

Wanted – Livestock Protection Animals

1-22-18SW Oklahoma
Two LGDs. Looking for two LGDs, prefer Anatolian. Heath Sirmons, Warren, OK. Am looking to purchase them when I locate a group of ewes. See above sheep wanted ad.

For Sale – Livestock Protection Animals

4-09-18 – For Sale – NW Missouri
Karakachan x Maremma Cross Pups.  Pups have shots and are on a working sheep farm. These dogs with the Bulgarian Mtn dogs are excellent.  Have given all my other dogs away as pets since they didn’t work. If needed, can get health papers and have them microchipped. The male dogs are black & white with long hair and naturally bobbed/short tail. Jim Proffitt, Proffitt Livestock, Richmond, MO. 816-225-6032

3-13-18 – For Sale – Alabama
Registered Akbash Pups.     UKC registered Akbash livestock guardian dogs. Born January 25th, 2018. Available March 22nd. 5 males and 5 females. Will be up to date on vaccinations and be dewormed. Price is $700 with a 50% non-refundable deposit fee of $350 after committing to selecting a puppy. Aubrey at  or 256-641-0269. Located in Fort Payne, AL

For Sale – Herding Dogs

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